PGMA on Forbidden Question

This is how I imagined it:


Mo: Good morning to everyone, back on forbidden questions with madam president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Where are we?

Andy9: We’re at number 15.

Mojo Jojo: The president answered the gay senator, the lesbian congresswoman and the Cabinet members who had sex with their secretaries and Mike’s favorite position in bed.

PGMA: O may Gad! I feel like there will be a rally later in EDSA.

Mo: Don’t worry madam; we’ll be here for you. Ok! Number 16: What country has a ‘feeling close’ relation with the Philippines?

PGMA: My gudness, Mo, all of our ambassadors are listening right now.

Mo: Come on ma’am, this is an easy question.

PGMA: <Inhales hardly> Cuba. (The guys on the studio are now screaming!)

Mo: Oh man! No you did not just say Cuba. Whoa! Man! My goodness! Ok! Good answer mam! Good times! Good times. Next question?

Andy9: Number 16.

Mo: Which Nationality has the worst body odor?

PGMA: That’s a hard question.

Mo: You can tap out on this question.

Mojo Jojo: You can answer this madam president! Don’t fail the Filipino People.

PGMA: Ok! Uhm… BO Country? BO Country? Hmmm…

Mo: You’re still with PGMA on Forbidden Questions.

PGMA: Ok! This is a safe answer since they all smell alike and they are the country that I’m least close with… the people of Maldives. Hehe.

Mo: Really? Wow! Ok next question.

Andy9: Number 17.

Mo: If you could say these lines to a department, to whom will you say this? ‘Since your department is not really needed, we will dissolve this asap.’

PGMA: Oh! That’s easy. MTRCB. Dey keep on banning these really good movies. And La Guardia just wants to be sikat just like the artistas, no?

Mo: Ok next question at number 18…


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