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I have realized that I’ve been saying “Weh!” too often too many times…

“Kuha mo na ang tono?”

“Maganda yung palabas.”

“Ok na ako.”

Today, I have reached the peak of using this word when I was speaking to a foreigner correspondent and had used the word. I immediately corrected myself.

“Where’s the certificate that I have requested?” I asked.
“I already sent it, Orlee.”
“Weeehh….rrrr is it? I haven’t received it yet…” Good. Save.

Must. Not. Use. This. Anymore.

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This shot was taken this morning… Facing the sun.

Everyone trying to smile without squinting… Hard…

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Before Rollie could come inside the car from the grocery, Ronald said, “Tignan mo si Rollie oh. Binatang-binata… Bumili ng tissue.”
Everybody was still laughing when Rollie came in. “Bakit?” he asked.
“Binatang-binata ka raw… Kasi may tissue ka raw lagi,” I told him.
“Hindi!” he answered , “Kailangan kasi sa CR yun…” then went on explaining the purpose of the tissue.

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Isabela Runner

Atong, from Isabela, out-ran everybody from our choir, yesterday morning during the Terry Fox Run for Cancer in Atlantis, Dubai.

In the news, later that day, it was recorded that the hottest day of the year in the Philippines happened just now and it was recorded in Isabela, Atong’s province.
The news’ caption was: 37 DEGREES NORMAL SA MGA TAGA-ISABELA.

“Kaya pala sanay na sanay sila magtatakbo sa ilalim ng araw.”

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Of Money and Gold Bars

Jake, kamusta ka na?” I called up my friend this morning.
“Eto ayus lang,” he answered.
“Siguro ang yaman-yaman mo na.”
“Oo naman,” Jake answered, “Eto nga oh… Nakahiga ako sa limpak limpak na pera,” he added sarcastically.
“Talaga?” I had to come back on him, “Buti ka pa. Masakit kasi matulog sa gold bars. Matigas sa likod.”




Subject – Verb Agreement

“Maliligo lang ako saglit. Baka tumawag si Tem,” I told Ronald.
“Sige,” he agreed.
“Magtatanong kasi yun sa paggawa ng email,” I answered, “Ikaw na magpayo ng tamang sentence construction saka correct subject-verb agreement.”
“Mamaya ka na maligo!”

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Malditang Mabait

“Tulungan naman nating tong isa kong friend galing BDO. Naghahanap sya ng work dito sa UAE,” I told Ronald and Ness.
“Sige,” Ronald answered.
“Send mo naman sa kanya sample ng CV mo. Para makopya nya ang format,” I asked him.
“Sige. Ano ba email nya?”
“Mabait kasi yun. Kaya tulungan natin. Anong email nya?,” I answered.
“Mabait!? Tapos maldita!?” They both screamed.


Draw Something’s Canadian Flag

Ness and I were playing the new game app Draw Something she has sent this drawing.

The answer for this “drawing” is Horton… and the drawing is supposed to be the Canadian flag with two cups of coffee to represent the Canadian coffee chain.
“Kelan pa naging horizontal ang red bars ng Canadian flag?” I asked Ness.
“Ay bakit? Mali ba?” she asked.

Oh! Canada!

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Hunger Games Pana Scene

“Ganun pala ang interview dito,” Rose shared.
“Bakit?” I asked.
“May kausap sa phone. May pinapanood sa tv…”
“Bastos?” I asked.
“Di ka pinansin? Dapat pinana mo yung baboy…” I was of course referring to this Hunger Games scene.


“Ay,” Rose answered, “Wala akong pana dun eh.”

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Wow Mali: Walang Gagalaw

This really made my day yesterday:

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