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Saving My Tea

My colleague stood at my desk. She was about to ask me something so I moved my tea to the other side of the table.

“How dare you? I will not drink your tea,” she said.

“That’s not my worry,” I told her, “My worry is your spit getting into it while you talk. Ok? Tell me why you’re here.”

She gave me the evil eyes.

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Pedia’s Travel Advice

My new colleague’s 3 year old daughter just flew to the Philippines yesterday with his wife.

He asked me, “Naitravel nyo na baby nyo?”

“Oo. Dati nga sabi ng Pedia kapag bata pa wag muna ibyahe kasi baka mabingi ang baby,” I said.

“Sa amin pinapadede namin pag paangat ang airplane,” he said.

“Kami pinalitan namin pedia namin.”

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