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Alibis Don’t Work Anymore

Using the office land line, I called up Bing, “Bing!”
“Office ka pa?” She asked.
“Buksan mo ang pinto,” pretending as if I’m at her door in her flat in RAK.
“HELLO!? Landline gamit mo,” she told me off. I forgot.

After a few updates, she then asked me, “Kelan mo ba ako ililibre ng dinner, Orlee?”
I became quiet for at least 10 seconds, then told her, “Bing… Sorry, naputol ka. Pumasok kasi ako sa elevator.”
“Ummm… Elevetor? Land line nga ang gamit mo, ORLEE!”

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Nature Drawing

Before the Choral Singing Competition in Ras Al-Khaima, Michelle, who was in Jordan, asked in the Blackberry Group, “Anong meron today? Anong contest?” as she didn’t know that the group was competing.
I replied, “Poster Making Contest. Ang theme: Kalikasan at Kapayapaan para sa Kaunlaran”
Joy, when she read this told me, “Naalala ko tuloy hung bata ako, kapag pinapag-drawing ng nature, laging bukid na may dalawang bundok!”
I know what she was talking about, I was that same nature-drawing child, “Tapos may puno punong maliit sa paanan ng bundok?”
“Oo!” she answered, “Saka may small birds na parang ‘V’ lang.”
“Meron ding bahay na malapit sa drawing. Kubong maliit.”

When we shared this to the choir, they also shared how they used to draw the same picture, “May konting clouds!” “May smile pa ang araw.”

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Iceland: Marish. Babae.

We went to Iceland, the water park in Ras Al-Khaimah,  last weekend.

Marish prepared herself and took an hour to pack for a days trip. When she realized that it was too late that everyone was waiting for her, she grabbed everything and put it all on her bags (not one but two) and continued prepping in the car.

Forty minutes in the travel, after she has put all her face, lotion and moisturizers, she finally had the time to check her gadgets: “Ay!” she screamed, “Wala yung memory card ng camera!”

Babae nga.

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Thrifty Orlee

“Sabi ko kay Ronald, Atong at Bing na ako na sa entrance sa RAK ghost town, sila na sa hotel, pamasahe at pagkain ayaw ba naman!” I shared to Z that I wanted to see the famed ghost town here in UAE.
“Orlee, uutakan mo nanaman sila?!” Z knows how very ‘thrifty’ I am.
“Excuse me, Z? ‘Nanaman’?”
She smiled and defended herself, “Sorry! Naman lang pala. Eto naman sumobra lang ang ‘na’. Uutakan mo naman sila.”


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On Her Way to the Top

Bing lives in the 6th floor of her Ras Al-Khaima building. Unfortunately for most condominium occupants, the usual problem is a broken elevator and this is her fair share:

Work day. Tiring. Stressful. A broken lift. A Filipino couple, also on their way up. Conversing. She overheard, “Buti na lang sa 3rd floor lang tayo. Kawawa naman ang nasa 6th floor.”
Even though she doesn’t know the couple, she couldn’t contain herself and interrupted, “Ako yun!”


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Bing is still adjusting to her new life in Ras Al-Khaima.
“Kamusta?” I called her.
“Eto, malungkot. Nakakatakot dito, Orlee.”
“Andaming manyakis!”
“Bakit? Ano nangyari?”
“Nung isang araw, naglalakad ako pauwi,” her office is 5 minutes walking distance from her flat, “Tapos may tumigil na sasakyan sa harap ko at nagbaba ng bintana, pinasasakay ako!”
“Ano nangyari? Anong oras na ba ‘yun?”
“Maaga pa naman. Pero ang mga tao dito kapag nakakita lang ng babae talagang binababaan ng bintana. Di ko talaga pinansin at dere-deretso nga ako.”
“Ayan kasi! Nag-pa-plunging ka pa kasi eh!”
“Anong plunging!? Wala na ngang ipa-plunge eh!”

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Christmas Cheer

BingBing, my BDO ex-colleague and OFW-mate, will be assigned in Ras Al-Khaima, the northernmost Emirate, out of the 7 Emirates of UAE.
Filipinos are rarely assigned there, usually our kababayans would rather be posted in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi but Bing agreed with the assignment because it’ll be a good career move.

Before she moved, Bing knew what was coming her way: Solitaire; especially that her move will be on the first week of December.
“Anlungkot naman ng Pasko ko. Mag-isa lang ako sa RAK,” she self-pitied.
I needed to cheer her up so I answered, “Lahat naman tayo malungkot eh, basta isipin mo lang…. Mas malungkot ka.”


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