Ate Saffiya told us that she’ll be buying Wowowee Tickets for the Dubai Tour of Pokwang and the Gang on the 30th of January. Everyboday jumped in and handed their 60 Dirhams (roughly Php 720).

Ronald was never a Kapamilya. He didn’t like ABS-CBN shows. For him it’s too cheesy or too ‘baduy’. He’s a Kapuso Advocate. Fan of Regine Velasquez and the SOP Gang. Me? I like them both ABS-CBN and GMA 7.

So anyway, after learning that everybody will watch the noontime show, he got his wallet and joined in. ‘Ayaw n’ya maiwan sa bahay’.


A week before the show, Lourdes, Ronald and I were discussing with ate Saffiya, what time we should be in the Dubai Festival City Grounds.

“Alas-3 ang nasa ticket pero pumunta na tayo alas-11,” says ate Saffiya.

“Ay, Ate!” says Ronald, “Late na ‘yun! Agahan natin. Dapat mga alas-8 palang nandun na tayo para nasa unahan tayo.”

Lourdes and I looked at each other, “Teka! Hindi ba ikaw ‘yung ayaw manood? Di ka naman excited? 8 AM!?”


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