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Ate Richie messaged our sibling chatroom.

Ate Richie: Nakita nyo na ba yung picture ko sa Facebook?
Ate Mimi: Sa shooting range?
Ate Richie: Oo.
Ate Mimi: Yes.
Ate Richie: Bakit hindi n’yo pa ni-la-like?
Ate Mimi: Ano to sapilitan?

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 6.08.05 PM

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Collagen Sisters

My sisters and I have a chatroom in LINE where we all 5 of us are constantly updating each other. One time:

Richie: Kailan mas mabisa inumin ang gluta and collagen? Bago kumain or after?
Mimi: Bago matulog.
Pam: Natawa ako sa sagot ni Mimi. Bago kumain or after kumain ang tanong… ang sagot bago matulog!
Orlee: Hahaha.
Richie: Oo nga.
Tem: Hahaha
Richie: Buti na lang maganda ka Mimi. Ang hina mo.
Mimi: Hahaha.


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Ninong and Ninang Billing

Gee Ann and Sonny, my cousin, finally welcomed baby Nash Brennan to the Christian World. The couple asked Ate Richie and I as Godparents.

The invitation…


Tem sent the above photo in the LINE Chatroom of our siblings.
Richie: Bakit ganun ang billing? Mas mayaman na ba si Butchoy sa akin?
Orlee: Hahaha!

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The Tale of the Two Little Girls

Once upon a time, when they were younger, both Ate Riche and Ate Mimi used to cook meals for themselves. This was when Ate Richie was about in Grade 5 while ate Mimi was in Grade 3.

One day, Nanay gave them Php 10 to buy ingredients from a local Sari-sari Store. Ate Richie gave the money to Ate Mimi and told her to buy the necessary food items.

After an hour, Ate Mimi came back home… Crying.
“ATE RICHIE!” she cried.
“Ano nangyari sa’yo?” Little Richie asked.
“Lagot ka sa Nanay! Pangkain natin yun!” Richie cried.
“O sige na,” Richie thought of a bright idea, “Tahan na. Di ko na sasabihin sa Nanay. Basta ba sa loob ng isang buwan, lahat ng utos sa akin ipapasa ko sa’yo.”

For a month, whenever somebody asked Ate Richie to, “Cook rice, fetch water, clean the shelves, buy something from the store,” she would always scream, “Minerva!”
Until she got fed up.

The end.


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WeChat Richie

UnknownAte Richie and I were chatting on WeChat the other day…



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Movie Buff Family

I’m the resident bookworm of the family and I push my nieces to read good books every once in awhile.

ScorceseLucasSpielbergCoppola“Bakit di kayo nahilig magbasa?” I asked my sisters Ate Mimi, Ate Richie and Tem.
“More on movies kasi kami,” they all answered.
“Weh!?” I asked them, “Sige nga. Kung talagang movie buff kayo… Magbigay nga kayo ng pangalan ng isang direktor. Isa lang!” I dared them.
“Umm… Steven Spielberg!” They proudly answered.
“Nay! Napaka-given naman nun! Iba pa!” I dared them. I was hoping they would answer Steven Sodebergh, Martin Scorcese,  Chris Nolan or even just Woody Allen.
They were silent for quite a while when Tem screamed, “Binibining Joyce Bernal!”

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Your Willing Victim

I was showcasing my playlist to my sisters while driving around Cavite. Some songs leave a mark and some doesn’t.

One time Ate Richie requested, “Choy, patugtugin mo ulit yung gusto kong kanta. Yung ‘Willing Victim’.”
I pondered but cannot recall any song with that title, “Alen?”
“Yung… “Mmmmm… mmmm… And I.. Your Willing Victim…”
“Ahhh! Just Give Me A Reason!”


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Jack Daniel and Taho

Tem and Nanay were talking.
“Nay, taho ako. Taho rin si kuya,” Tem said.
“Oh sige kumuha ka ng isang Jack Daniel na baso,” Nanay answered. She was referring to the large Jack Daniel free glasses.

Jack Daniel“Ikaw, Chie?” Nanay asked Ate Richie. She was not listening fully.
“Sige ho. Isang baso,” she answered.
“Oh taho rin daw ate mo. Isa pang baso,” Nanay told Tem.
“Ay! Taho ho ba?” Ate Richie was now fully aware, “Hindi pala. Akala ko isang basong Jack Daniel.”

“Ate, Alas-8 ng umaga? Jack Daniel talaga?” Tem asked sarcastically


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flight-attendant-friday“Gusto raw ni Sam maging FA paglaki nya,” Tem told us. We asked our niece what she wanted career to pursue. She wanted to be a Flight Attendant.
“Ano yung FA?” Ate Richie asked, “Fat Ass?”
We all laughed.
“I hate you all!” Sam screamed.

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Mimi’s Chanel Bag

Ate Mimi was happy today.
“I’m super happy,” she shared in our siblings running Facebook chat.
“Why?” Tem asked.
“Kasi bukod sa permanent na ako, I’m going to Ginza today… para bumili ng CHANEL BAGGGG!”
Ate Richie was furious, “MIMI! SASAMPALIN KITA!”
“Naiinis ako sa’yo! Kasi bibili ka ng Chanel bag! Naiinggit ako!”



Someone’s really happy that this is her Facebook profile picture.

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