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Pack Sheet

“Pak!” I screamed frustrated at work.
My colleagues looked up from their cubicles and asked, “What did you say?”
“Pack of papers,” I answered.
They smiled and went back to work.

After a few minutes, I immersed myself again back to work. Stressed crept back to me so I uttered, “Shit!”
My colleagues asked, “Orlee?”
“Sheet… of papers?” I answered.

“Aaaahhhhh….” they answered in unison.

Donut against stress.

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Miguel ♥ Lola

My mother and my nephew’s drama episode…

Lola: Mig, penge ng mani ang lola?
Miguel: Ayaw! Di kita mahal!
Lola: Mahal mo ako!
Miguel: Hindi! Hindi kita mahal! Si Evelyn lang mahal ko.

Evelyn is one of our household assistants.
Nanay was pissed so she asked Ponette (my niece), “Pong, tara? Ligo na tayo.”

Tem realized that Nanay didn’t include Miguel during the kid’s shower time when Nanay usually does. So Tem openned the bathroom door and let Miguel in…

Lola: Oh bakit ka nandito?
Miguel: Sabay ako ligo.
Lola: Hindi mo naman ako mahal eh.
Miguel: Mahal kita, lola. Mahal kita. Mahal na mahal (while embracing her lola’s thighs).

“Saan n’ya natutunan ‘yun?” Nanay asked me when I called last time.
“Saan nga, nay?” I answered. Amazed by this kid wonder.
“Kabata-bata pa eh marunong nang mambola!”


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Atom Araullo Tweet

It makes me feel proud whenever someone I follow on twitter replies. This morning I made someone famous (at least on Philippine Journalism) laugh.


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Nakakatakot vs Nakakadiri

Since Ronald hates spooky stories when it’s late in the evening, I can’t help but tease last night, “O sige! Mamili ka, nakakatakot o nakakadiri?”

If he choose nakakatakot then I would tell him about the story of one photographer who, upon visiting a historical site in the Philippines, saw a ghost.

The ghost, a woman in white, according to the photographer, eyes him angrily. Apparently, only he can see the ghost because it only appears thru the camera’s lens and appears only when he points the pointer light (the red light before the flash) so the ghost would also appear reddish… When the camera flashes, the ghost vanishes.
When he points again in another direction to avoid the ghost (with the red pointer light of the camera on), the ghost reappears to him… The photographer cannot tell it to his friends as to not create a scene… Everytime he points somewhere… crazy ghost appears closer and closer to him… The photographer whether to stop shooting or pass the camera to someone else…

I would tell him that if he choose nakakatakot.

“Nakakadiri na lang,” he answered.
“Ok,” I answered.

“Alam mo ba na may isang lugar sa India, sabi ng mga officemate ko, na kumakain sila ng pagkain na tinalo pa ang Azucena ng Pampanga?
Yung buhay na aso, pinapakain nila ng pagkain na sobrang dami. Talagang bubusugin nila yung aso ng sobra-sobra hangang sa parang puputok na yung tyan. Habang nag-da-digest yung aso, pasusukahin nila ‘yun! Siguro susundutin ang bibig o pipindutin ang tyan tapos ‘yun ang kakainin nila: Yung soup na sinuka ng aso. Imagine-in mo, maasim asim pa ‘yun! Medyo acidic kaya yun! Tapos malagkit-lagkit tapos kakainin na nila yun. Totoo to! Officemates ko nagsabi. Delicacy talaga sa North-East India ‘yun. Vomit soup,” I told Ronald, while doing some hand gestures as if I’m holding a disgusting sticky soup of saliva.

“Yak!” he screamed while doing a vomiting sound.
He was disgusted, “Kadiri naman ‘yan!”
“O uulitin ko: nakakadiri o nakakatakot?”
“Wala! Ayoko ng kahit ano.”
“Ayan! Sabihin mong ayaw mo,” I told him, “Namimili ka pa kasi eh.”



OT Ka?

“OT (Overtime) ka?” Zinnia asked.

“Hindi no!” I denied, “Once a week power lang ‘yun. Nagamit ko na ang power ko nung Tuesday, next week na ulit.”

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Takutan 1: Local Invasion

While I was helping Ronald with the cooking yesterday afternoon, Sheery and Marish ran in the kitchen whispering, “Huy! May nakapasok na Arabo sa bahay!” the ladies said nervously.
“Huh?” Ronald and I asked. Ronald sneaked a peek but saw no one.
“Nasa salas na s’ya,” Marish said nervously.
“Ako na,” I told Ronald, “May hawak kang kutsilyo baka magulat ka…”
I was kinda shaky also because I’ve heard stories of some locals invading private flats here in UAE. I took a deep breathe and faced my fear.
I walked slowly to the living room and saw the Arab guy (facing away), I asked him, “Excuse me!?”
He slowly turned and answered, “Yes!” then I saw Jade grinning.
I cursed him, “P!@#$!! Pak!”

Everybody was laughing hard! I was Bazinga‘d!

“Gusto n’yo pala ng ganun ha!?” I told them, “Sige! Takutan pala ha?”


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Tamad vs Tamad

Because Ronald is being lazy, I told him, “Huy! Kumilos ka naman! Ang dami ko nang napanood sa laptop ‘di ka pa gumagalaw.”
“Ano?” he laughed, “Inuutusan mo akong kumilos akala ko naman sasabihin mo ‘Andami ko nang nagawa’ ang sasabihin mo pala sa akin: Andami mo nang napanood!?”
I didn’t realize this so I laughed so hard.
“Parang ako pa ang tamad ah!” he answered.

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Last Text

Back in college, a female classmate was crying and told me, “Orlee, nag-text ‘yung boyfriend ko. ‘Di n’ya na raw ako i-te-text. Sorry raw. Huling text n’ya na raw ‘to,” while showing her phone to me.
I didn’t expect it. She was happy with that relationship and I am shocked by the turn of events. “Haah? Bakit daw?”
“Di ko alam.” She was really sad.

After two hours, she was laughing at herself and told us, “Naubusan lang pala s’ya ng load!”

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Noong Araw

I’ve heard that back then, rich college students used to work in fastfood restaurants as a part-timer just for the heck of it. They don’t need the money just the experience.

I didn’t really know about this so I wanted to verify. I asked my friends during one dinner, “Noong araw ba?….”
Bing immediately looked up and answered, “Oh!? Noong araw? Ako makakasagot n’yan. Yes?”

The Dinner

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Lukso ng Dugo Experiment

While watching Grazilda, Joel Torre’s character met his daughter after 20 years but didn’t recognize her.

Sheery asked, “Ay! Walang lukso ng dugo? Wala bang ganun!?” she wondered, “‘Di ba may ganun, Orlee?”
“Sige try mo sa anak mo. Itago mo s’ya ng 20 years tapos i-meet mo na lang s’ya after. Tignan natin kung meron ngang ganun.”

Sheery and Baby Noah

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