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Pacquiao As Our Only Topic

During our Brazilian honeymoon, we tried real hard to communicate with our fellow tourists. We, of course, only speak English so only those who are willing to speak to us are the only ones we can speak freely. Most tourists were Hispanics or Portuguese-Speaking.

One time, we met a Mexican couple who was not able to speak English.
I asked them, “Habla Ingles?”
They answered No so we just looked at them and smiled courteously.
We told them, “We, Pilipinas,” then pointed at them, “You?”
Then we just smiled, “Ahhh Mexico!”
Then without anything to talk about, they just screamed, “Pacquiao!”
“Yes! Pacquiao,” we answered and then screamed, “Barrera!” and that’s it.
It was funny and sad at the same time.


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Asians in Brazil

In Brazil, I would always get the occasional “Arigato” or “Nihao Ma” maybe it’s the eyes, maybe it’s the nose.


“Akala ko pa naman makaka-blend in tayo dito, hon.”

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Sosyal Fallback

I told my highschool friends, “Nag-apply na kami for our UK trip… Pagbagsak kami sa visa application dun baka mag-Brazil na lang kami,” because Brazil has no visa requirements for Filipinos.
“Ang sosyal naman ng back up plan n’yo,” Arlyn commented, “Brazil! Kami nga Batangas lang pangarap namin eh.”


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The Filipino Revenge in Brazil

“Ano naman balak mong gawin sa Brazil?” Cathy asked me when I told her that I’m planning to visit Rio by 2013.
“Wala lang. Bucketlist. Maglalakad-lakad lang,” I answered.
“Ano ba meron dun?”
“Try kong mag-artista. Nang makaganti naman dyan sa mga Brazilian ana nasa Pilipinas. Lahat na lang sila artista…”

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Nude Beach

X and I were chatting last night when the discussion went to how a friend of mine went to Brazil and stayed for 5 days. Mae Ilem, my friend, went to Christ the Redeemer, some Rio de Janeiro hotspots and a nude beach.

x: X, di ko ma-imagine na mag-nude beach tayo. Parang ‘di ko kaya

lee: Naalala ko yung tropa nung nag-Sagada tayo, I told the guys na:
Tuwing kelan lang ba tayo makakapaligo sa ilog sa loob ng cave sa buhay natin?
Tapos lahat tayo: Sige na nga.

x: Then?

lee: Na-imagine ko lang sasabihin ko, Tuwing kelan lang ba tayo makakapag-nude beach sa buhay natin?
Tapos lahat sasagot nang: Sige na nga, while undressing. Lol


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