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Arm Wrestling

Atong and I were arm wrestling and it sounded like we were talking a picture, so Yvette screamed, “Sali ako! Sali ako!” Only to see this…

“Oh, ikaw na next?” We asked her.
“Akala ko picture!” she answered.

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Youtube Cry

GentealBeen monitoring my eye drops since my doctor required me to regularly put GenTeal for two weeks before I can proceed with my LASIK Operation.

I left the drop yesterday at home so I told my friends, “Naiwan ko eye drops ko! Kailangan kong umiyak. Ano kaya papanoorin kong youtube video? Yung Anak scene o yung Coca-Cola?” on BBM.


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Kiss From a Rose

While blogging, I played this song on my playlist.

MJ, asked, “Anong kanta yan?”
“Kiss From a Rose by Seal,” I answered.
A few minutes later, I heard this from his computer blaring…

Ronald heard this and screamed, “Kiss From a Rose by Seal! Hindi Sealed with a Kiss!”
We all laughed at this error.


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Dati MV

So I collected in one video some of the photos of my past Philippine Vacation. Everybody (means all my sisters from Japan and US) came home to celebrate Rafa’s christening, Miggy’s 6th birthday and a few other family bonding moments.

Nanay called this morning. She just saw it.
“Choy, napanood ko yung mga picture,” she started, “Nakakaiyak!”
“Nay! Bawal ho umiyak mandadamay nanaman kayo eh,” I pleaded.
“Parang yung commercial ng McDonald’s dati yung unti-unti nawala mga anak nila.”

In the comments section of the facebook link, Tem commented, “Kuya, si Tatay galit kay Nanay. Kasi ayaw tigilan yung video mo pero iyak naman ng iyak.”


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CVC 8th Anniversary Party: Arrange Yourself by Age

During the choir’s 8th year party, one game was played: “ARRANGE YOURSELVES BY…”
It was agreed that if you all have finished arranging yourselves, your team should sit down so that the judges can see you.
Wawee, the game master, screamed, “Arrange yourself by AGE!”
Here’s the video:

It’s obvious that Team A, the one in front, is still arranging their age but when I screamed, “UPO!” both teams sat down.
My own teammate, Arn, was left standing and asked, “Ako pinakamatanda?”
Only then that Kuya Arnold realized that he was on the other end.


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Fujairah Fun – Bloopers

DSC_0465Here’s the blooper videos on that trip!

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Lilly’s Godfather

Lilly likes me to reminder her that I am indeed her godfather.

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Cheese sa Ibabaw!? OMG!

So funny…

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Call Me Maybe 2

Since, the first video was a hit. Jade requested, “Sana sa birthday ko gawin ulit natin.”

Various raw videos were shot and I was tasked to edit by combining it. Since I just learned how to use iMovie, I was still getting used to adjusting the voice, the audio and the clips.
Jade suggested, “Para di ka mahirapan. Basta hawak ko ang ulo ko saka ginagalaw ko, THIS IS CRAZY and lyrics dun.”
“Di nga!?” I answered mockingly, “Di ba CALL ME MAYBE?”
See Jade with our other friends during his birthday party…

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Ironman Sings

A real man is never afraid to admit that he irons, that he sings.
A real man can laugh at himself.