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Hogwards Express-Like

Since we’ll be taking a lot of train rides across Europe and I wanted my travel-mates to be encouraged, I showed them this photo from Pinterest #EuroTrain:

“Parang Harry Potter!” Ronald exclaimed, “Magdadala ako ng parrot?”
“Parrot!” Atong laughed, “Owl yung sa Harry Potter!”

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After seeing Harry Potter for the last time on the big screen, I told Atong, “Sa next cosplay natin ikaw na lang si Voldermort.”
“Walang ilong ‘yun!” He answered.
“Transparent na scotch tape lang yun or packaging tape tapos bubutasan nalang natin.”



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Previously on Harry Potter

Che, naalala mo pa ba ‘yung Part 1 nito?” I asked my friend. I wanted her to enjoy the movie by remembering the first part of the installment: HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.
“Oo. Pag nakita ko ‘yung mga tao maaalala ko ‘yung istorya,” Che answered.
“Baka kasi mag-expect ka ng (voice over na) ‘Previously on Harry Potter’ or ‘yung parang sa mga teleserye na may ‘Nakaraan…’ sa gilid,” I told her, “Si Marish kasi akala may ganun.”

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Harry Potter in Japan

“Choy, manonood kami ng Hori Potter ni ate Pam at ni Aki sa 25. Yun ang Christmas celebration namin,” ate Mimi told me.
“Hori? Ate, Harry ‘yun. Harry Potter,” I told her.
“Harry ba? Hori kasi ‘yun dito (sa Japan)! Hori Potter.”


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Makwentong Seatmate

Ronand and  I saw Harry Potter with our former flatmates: Betsy, Meynard, Ellaine and Ellaine’s boyfriend Gerard.
Ellaine didn’t want to sit beside her sister (Betsy) so she told me, “Orlee, oh, baka gusto mo dun sa tabi ni ate.”
“Baka maingay ka manood?” I asked Betsy.
“Hindi naman. Matanong lang.”
“Ok. Sige… dito na lang ako.”

Meynard, Betsy, Ellaine and Me

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Harry Potter Bitin

“Darating si Luke Mejares tonight sa bahay,” Sheery said. She’s a friend of the famous musician.
“Manonood kami ng Harry Potter eh,” Ronald answered.
“Ay! Sabi ng friend ko bitin daw ang Harry Potter ngayon.”
“Bitin talaga ang Harry Potter dahil sa July 2011 ang Part 2.” 

It’s even advertised on the poster!

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Brit Acc

“Pare, ang hirap talaga minsan intindihin ng boss natin. Hirap ng accent nila,” Roger complained. Our boss is British.
“Ayan! Manood ka kasi ng Harry Potter para masanay ka! Twilight ka kasi ng Twilight eh.”

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Horace Slughorn

Hp6teaserposterIt was Ponette’s first time to watch Harry Potter on the big screen. X, Sam, Paula and I took her to iMax today. She knew we’ll be watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She have seen the previous films on DVD and on TV showings so she has an idea of the story.

During the first scene, Professor Dumbledore and Harry went to Professor Slughorn’s house and was looking for him. Dumbledore uttered Slughorn’s name, “Horace? Horace?” Because of the thick British Accent, it sounded ‘Harrys, Harrys’ so Ponette can’t wondered and ask me whispering, “Tito, bakit may ‘s’?”

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