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TBT #8: Cracking Gab

It has been years since I last played this game:

smokers-partyMy Dubai gang decided to go to Madinat Jumeirah last Friday Night. It’s like Trinoma but near the beach. It’s like Ayala Alabang but with more diverse culture. It’s like Bonifacio High, less the jologs outsiders.
So anyway, we decided to play the (actually, I initiated it) HOY PARE KAMUSTA Game. It’s just a stupid game that I used to play back in my days in the Philippines. The basic rule of the game is to pretend as if you just saw your friends in a long time and needed catching up:

Orlee: Hoy! Pare! Kamusta?
Julius: Hoy! Orlee! Kamusta? Sino kasama mo?
Orlee: Ako lang. Kanina ka pa dito? Kakadating ko lang eh. What a small world! Ano bibilhin mo?
Julius: Walang lang magawa sa bahay eh. Kamusta tropa?

So that’s how you play it. You really have to have a straight face on playing it and the first one who cracks up is the loser.
So anyway, Gab, can’t handle the pretentions so everytime I approach them as if seeing them for the first time, he immediately cracks up, “Pare, ‘di ko kaya para kayong mga gago. Natatawa ako.”
Everytime we see each other as if on the first time, Gab would always walk away from us, move to the corner and laugh his ass off.
There was this one time that Gab departed from the group and when he came back before I could say anything he said, “Ayoko! Ayoko pare, natatawa ako.”
I asked him, “Pare, wala pa akong sinasabi… Defensive ka na!”

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TBT #7: Mmmmmm…

I just realized that the characters in this blogpost no longer works for our company. This was just 4 years ago:

imagesCAG1MN89We had an office party last Friday night at my boss’ house in the Arabian Ranches. Staffs if different nationalities were there and the food was really good.

As I was trying a milk-based Indian dessert, I wasn’t able to contain myself and told Roger, “Mmmm… Sarap!”
“Yes?” somebody answered, it was Sara (accent on the last ‘a’).
I should’ve kept my mouth shut as I ended up explaining the meaning of sarap and how the dessert was good and how I was talking to Roger and how his name sounds like the word sarap.

Complicated world.

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TBT #6: Shower

I cannot remember the exact date of this blog post but this was pre-Dubai (circa 2005 to 2007). This is one for the books, one of the funniest kulitan between me and my sister:

Scenario: Me taking a shower, my sister on the other side of the bathroom door.
Tem: Kuya!?
Me: Bakit?
T: Papadeliver kami sa Pizza Hut. Ano gusto mo?
M: Kahit ano, Hawaiian Pizza siguro. Masarap din chicken saka potato chips.
T: Sabi ng nanay ikaw daw magbayad!
M: (no reply)
T: Kuya?!
M: (still no reply)
T: Kuya?!
M: Tem? Baket? Naliligo ako!
T: Ikaw raw magbabayad!
M: Ha? Di kita marinig! Naliligo ako!
T: Kuya! Oorder kami sa Pizza Hut! Ikaw magbabayad!
M: Di ko marinig! Naliligo ako! Matagal pa ako dito!
T: (now forcefully screams at the door so that I could hear) Sumagot ka! Ikaw magbabayad!
M: Tem, mamaya na! Di talaga kita marinig! Umaandar ang shower! Di kita dinig!
T: (Now talking to someone outside the door) Kunin mo yung susi ng CR.
T: Kuya! Pag di ka sumagot! Bubuksan ko tong pinto!
M: Bwisit ka! Oo na. Ako na magbabayad!



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TBT #4: iPod Challenge

In the wake of the iOS7 Update let me take you back to this Apple-related 2007 post.

Chona’s dad finally decided what he wants from his daughter on his 60th birthday: an iPod Nano. A few days later after receiving the iPod, he confronts Chona again, “’Nak, ‘di pala gagana ‘tong iPod… kailangan ko ng Laptop.”

Geez, Parents!


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Throwblog Thursday 2: Decoy BF

Back when I was working in BDO SM Dasmarinas…

untitledEm, one of the Marketing Assistance in BDO SM Dasmarinas, told me, “Sir Orlee, hawakan mo kamay ko dali.”
I immediately held her hand while Shari told her, “Em, ayan nanaman yung mga pulis na nangungulit sa’yo sa labas.”
Apparently, Em wanted to me to be the decoy boyfriend and I just realized it. I told Em, “Em, thanks ha? Baka mamaya i-salvage ako paglabas ko.”


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Throwblog Thursday 1: Birthday Alibi

This was originally blogged on my friendster blog in 2007…

no-drinkingTatay decided not to hold a birthday celebration at home with all of his drunkard friends. He realized that it was too expensive to hold a celebration than eating out. We instead went to Dampa, Macapagal Ave to eat dinner and celebrate his 49th birthday.
I asked him, “Anong sinabi n’yo sa mga bisita n’yo bale?”
Tatay answered, “Ang sabi ko na lang eh masama na sa akin ang alak.”

Before going out, Tem decided to shop for diapers and baby stuff for Miguel with Xerlyn, wife of our cousin from Bucandala (baranggay next to ours). Their conversation went something like this…

Xerlyn: Hindi na pala maghahanda si Tito Ajug?
Tem:     Hindi na nga.
Xerlyn: Malala na raw kasi yung sakit n’ya.
Tem (pretending not to know): Talaga?
Xerlyn: Hindi na raw kasi kaya ng katawan n’ya.

Tem told us, “Tay, parang terminal case na yung sakit mo sa pagkakakwento ni Xerlyn.”

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