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Transferable Vacation Leaves

While their boss was on leave, a friend of mine asked her colleagues, “Eh di masaya kayo ng tatlong linggo?”
They sarcastically answered, “Sana nga mas mahaba pa eh. May leave credits pa nga akong 19 days gusto kong ibigay sa kanya.”


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The Case of the Unknown Sausage

sausage-424277Mercy brought some sausages from Germany and she wanted her Filipino colleagues to taste the famous Deutsche meat product.
“Sige iiwan ko lang sa personal cupboard yung sausage. Kuha na lang kayo,” she told Gem and Dok.

After a few hours, both have confirmed eating the sausage, “Thanks, Mercy! Masarap sya.”

Mercy wanted to bring home her lunch box so she was shocked to find that lunch pack still has the sausages there.
“Sure kayo sausage yung kinain n’yo?” Mercy asked Gem.
“Yung may mashed potato?”
“Hindi! Sausage lang yun!”

They asked the whole office but no one admitted that it’s theirs. All were laughing at this funny mistake.

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Where Is She?

We were trying to look for one particular person in the office.
We all speculated, maybe she’s in the boardroom.

Our boardroom looked like this; hence, you can see who’s in a meeting. There were no feet planted on the ground so maybe the room was empty.image

So when Mercy said, “Baka may meeting sa boardroom.”
I answerd, “Baka nga pero baka nakataas ang paa nya.”

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No Carbs Fishbone Remover

I had  a bad experience with some fish bones last week. We were eating dried fish (DAING) last week and I, unfortunately, ate breakfast so quick that the fish bone got stuck in my throat.

I dealt with it the whole morning. I tried everything: ate a banana, ate a ball of rice, gulped a can of coke. It was really annoying.

Kris suggested, “Sumubo ka lang ng maraming-maraming kanin!”
“Ayoko,” I told her, “Carbs yun eh. Pwede ba steak na lang? Para protein pa rin?”


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Who Will Do It: The Professional Decision

Roy, Kris and I make up the department of Reconciliation and Invoicing. Sarah, our team-in-charge told us to create a draft email that we could send to various insurance companies requesting them to refrain from clubbing brokerage amounts of various invoices into one.
We only needed one email draft so since we have to decide equally on who will create it… we resorted to the most professional way of deciding stuff: Maalis Taya!


Kris laughed, “Very professional!”

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Not a Good Place to Be Britton

My boss, an Englishman, said he was up until 2 AM last night because of a fight. It was two British guys who fought.
I then told him that Filipinos only watch Boxing if it’s Pacman.

20140131050204!Ricky_Hatton_vs._Manny_PacquiaoHe then shared that when Hatton was against Pacman, he was in the Philippines. He said, “It was not a good place to be Britton at that time in Manila.”
I then told him, “Imagine if Hatton won against Pacman – you could have died.”
“I would have been sealed shut inside a concrete column,” he kiddingly answered.

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Quake Face



iPad lang ang naisalba.

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