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Instagram Video

Reposting my instagram video here: How people with glasses wear shades. #foureyes #nerd

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.27.19 PM

Click here: Minion Smile

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TBT #3: Duboi’s First Month

I celebrated my fifth year in Dubai and in Al Futtaim Willis on 10th September 2013. I’ve posted this picture on Instagram:

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 10.12.48 PM


I suddenly remembered this blog entry back in 2008… back when I was just celebrating a month in Dubai:

Duboi decided to compile the lessons he’d learned in his first 30 days in Dubai :

  1. Stop multiplying everything by 12.5 and stop adding 4 in your watch. You just won’t be able to stay in the present if you keep on doing that.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes.” Walang tricycle, hijo, sa Dubai.” The nearest shop maybe 1 km away and there is no other means of transportation but to walk! How I miss the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines: Cavite.
  3. Learn how to cook. I don’t need to explain that. It saves a lot of money and ofcourse you get to eat what you like. Ate Richie called and I proudly screamed, “Ate! Marunong na ako mag-gisa!” “Haha! Gisa lang?” she answered. “Dati kaya pirito lang alam ko.”
  4. Wash your beddings regularly. Why? Zoorot.
  5. Cheap vs Expensive Roll Call: Cheap: Transportation, Detergent, Fabric Softener,Perfume, Electronic Products, Branded Clothes, Seeing Che-che Palomar(nanlilibre). Expensive: Contact Lens Solution, Lacoste, Aparador, Pillows, Suits, Food, Books (I miss my National Bookstore), Seeing my sister (nagpapalibre).
  6. Never ask an Indian spell their names. Dunno how to explain it, you have to experience it.
  7. Househunting is Fun! Though it may suck for a while but the thought of living independently is great. You get to choose who’ll be your housemates for the next so many years.
  8. Warn your housemates first about your sleeptalking. It’s not nice to hear “Sunog! Sunog!” when you’re in the middle of your sleep especially when there is none.
  9. Start practicing the words: ‘Kabayan’ to fellow Filipinos, ‘Pare’ (as in Kumpare) to Indians and ‘My Friend’ to everybody else.
  10. Pack some vicks vaporub or White Flower if you don’t like sniffing the smell of the Onion Smelling People.
  11. Wear Sunblock: That’s a golden rule. Why? Hell! The air here is hotter than a hairdryer’s air. Feeling mo kasing laki ng nostrils mo ang pores mo dito dahil sa sobrang init ng hangin. Kung ayaw mo matipak ang mukha mo, mag sunblock ka.
  12. Buses here suck! Nakakamiss ang mga bus sa EDSA na kahit anong mangyari ay hihintayin kang sumakay kahit tumatawid ka palang sa kabilang side ng kalsada o papalabas sa looban mong napakalayo. Dito, nasa harap ka na ng bus, yung tipong pasakay ka na. Yung tipong andyan na sa harap mo, pag late ka isasara sa mukha mo. Lesson: Don’t be late in the bus stop.

Throwblog Thursday 2: Decoy BF

Back when I was working in BDO SM Dasmarinas…

untitledEm, one of the Marketing Assistance in BDO SM Dasmarinas, told me, “Sir Orlee, hawakan mo kamay ko dali.”
I immediately held her hand while Shari told her, “Em, ayan nanaman yung mga pulis na nangungulit sa’yo sa labas.”
Apparently, Em wanted to me to be the decoy boyfriend and I just realized it. I told Em, “Em, thanks ha? Baka mamaya i-salvage ako paglabas ko.”


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Karol’s Profile Pic

When my friend uploaded this photo on her facebook account, I told her, “Pag yan ang profile pic mo, hindi ka mawawalan ng boyfriend.”



“Sige nga!” Karol replied, “Tignan natin kung di kayo magkandarapa kung yan ang profile pic ko.”



Assume Vs Presume

“Orlee, ano difference ng assume and presume?” Z asked me.
Come to think of it, I don’t know the difference. Google almighty to the rescue!


Apparently, you can use them interchangeably except in the following scenario: He has assumed the position of the manager.
“So yun lang ang difference nila?” Asked Z.
“Oo,” I answered, “Kaya lang Z, maraming ganyan dito sa office di ba? They have PRESUMED the position of the manager. Mga feeling amo.”



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2012 Birthday Greetings

Last week, I celebrated my 3rd 10th Birthday (do the math) and I was bombarded with a sea of HAPPY BIRTHDAYs on my Facebook Wall. It’s like a contest of who will post the most creative greeting.

Of course the 911 of 11 years ago will never be forgotten.



No greeting beats a picture of a cake. 🙂


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Facebook Photo of the Week

My friend, Estela Chua, posted this and tagged me.


I am influential. Thank you very much.



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I Guess Here’s Why I’m Childish

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Tweet of the Week: Unfollow the Cavite Governor

When the governor of Cavite twitted that the suspension of classes will resume on 10 August, after the dreaded Habagat disaster of 2012, she has thought of the best solution to prolong her holiday…


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Facebook Status of the Week

So this happened…