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Pedia’s Travel Advice

My new colleague’s 3 year old daughter just flew to the Philippines yesterday with his wife.

He asked me, “Naitravel nyo na baby nyo?”

“Oo. Dati nga sabi ng Pedia kapag bata pa wag muna ibyahe kasi baka mabingi ang baby,” I said.

“Sa amin pinapadede namin pag paangat ang airplane,” he said.

“Kami pinalitan namin pedia namin.”

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Guguluhin Ko Damitan Mo!

Back when we were kids, my sister and I used to have been given a task: to fold neatly our clothes and keep them organized.

During our childish fights, we would run towards the closet and ruin each other’s neatly done folds.

Ambabaw ng awayan natin!

“Guguluhin ko damitan mo!”

“Bakit ka umiiyak?”

“Si Kuya ginulo damitan ko! Waaaaahhhh!”

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Bass Sectionals 2019

In preparation for our upcoming concert, the Basses of the Christian Voices Chorale see to its that we practice once a weeknight.

In order to masterfully memorize the songs, we record our sessions in order to listen to it the next days before the Friday rehearsals.

One recording captured the conversation regarding a certain term in the song Hibang sa Awit –

Everyone one (singing): Ngunit dila ko’y nagkanpabuhol / nagkandabuhol.

Me: NagkanPABuhol? Wala namang ganung word.

Alex: Nagkandabuhol dapat.

Wawee: May nagkanpa buhol sa amin.

Me: Saan?

Wawee: Sa probinsya.

Jervin: Saang probinsya?

Wawee: Sa Bohol.

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Baby Thanos

Since she wrote purple ink on her skin we asked her, “Ysabella, are you Thanos?”

“No,” she answered, “I’m not Thanos. I don’t have the stones.”

Nga naman.

What is the essence of being Thanos?

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Maganda Stolen Shot

“Dennis, Pa-Picture!”

Dennis then said, “Swim lang kayo. Maganda stolen shot.”


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Ha Ha Ho For Eleven by Panic at the Disco

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IKEA Tourism

“San mo sila tinour?” I asked Bing after she toured her friends for half a day.

“IKEA lang,” she answered.

“Ilang taon na sila?”

“50 plus.”

“Ah… Kaya pala. Sina nanay din nung nandito masaya na sa IKEA.”

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