As I watch watching the telly this morning, someone called over the landline phone. I let it ring for two times as to see the registration of the phone on the other line. Yes, we have a caller ID.

I answered, “Hello?”

A young girl answered on the other line, “Panget!”

Good thing we have a caller ID so I immediately called back. After one ring, it was picked up, “Hello?”

I answered, “Sino tumawag dito kanina!?”

She dropped it.

I kept calling back but all I got was a busy tone. I kept calling until someone answered.

It was answered after 5 minutes, “Hello?” it was a different kid, an older one.

“Sino tumawag dito kanina?” I asked furiously, “Sino tumawag dito kanina sa amin nanggugulo?”

“Baka po yung kapatid ko,” she answered.

“Sabihan mo yang kapatid mo ha?” I answered, “pag di kayo tumigil ng panggugulo, kayo ang guguluhin namin.”

After telling this story to my sister, Tem, she answered, “Kuya ko, pati yung bata pinatulan.”



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