Simbang Gabi

Ate Richie, not fond of going to church has a long history of not so good experiences inside a church…

Back when she was seven (or six) years old, she and my mom went to a simbang gabi.Nanay dragged her (woke her up, dressed her up and literally dragged her to the church).

During the homily, she was really uncomfortable standing (they were apparently late) during the mass. She asked nanay, “Nay, uwi na tayo?”

“Mamya na,” replied nanay.

“Pag di pa tayo umuwi, sisigaw ako.” said ate Richie.

“Eh di sumigaw ka.” nanay confidently answered thinking ate Richie would spare her the embarrassment.

Ate Richie felt challenged immediately screamed, “MALAKI K*K* NG NANAY KO!”

Nanay covered ate Richie’s mouth (and grabbed her by the ear) and ran towards the door.


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