Too Much for Being Makabayan

Dressing up in Barong for work is really comfortable. It’s breezy and not too uptight looking. There is just one thing I don’t like when dressing up in our National Costume, it’s when I take a break and stroll around the mall (I work inside SM), people would assume I am working in that stall/shop.

Before, I was with Chona, one of the officers in the bank, and she was looking around for a carpet, immediately a woman behind us asked, “Excuse me, magkano ang ganitong size?” I really want to answer sarcastically, “For you ma’am it’s Php 10,000.00.” but the good guy in me answered “I’m sorry, sila po ang tanungin n’yo”pointing to the staff of that carpet shop.

I was in Memo Express yesterday, trying to surrender a celphone bought by my sister a month ago, a woman immediately assumed I work there “Sir, meron kayong….” I cut her immediately (cause I know where this is going, and they should never go there) “Sorry, I don’t work here” and she apologized defensively, “Sorry, sorry.”

I think I am still getting the better part of the bargain. Chona said they were always assumed Sales Ladies inside the Department Store (now that’s wack) and a few years back, during my college years, a classmate was mistaken for a bus conductor (we have a winner).


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