The first time I drove to manila was when I had to pick up
Tem, my sister, from the Airport. This experience was crucial to my driving
career since it was my first outside Cavite driving.

Going there was a breeze but after picking up Tem, we were
caught by the MMDA patrolled in front of Coastal Mall, SWERVING!

The MMDA stopped us and said, “Bossing, swerving po kayo.”

The scared me answered, “Ah, eh, oho eh. Di ko po napansin.”

He then asked, “Sir, patingin ho ng lisensya?”

While getting my license, I tried to apologize once more and
said, “Boss, pasensya na kayo, galling kasi kami sa Airport, sumundo lang ako.”

After the officer left and went to his colleagues with my
license, Nanay and Tem asked me, “Bakit mo binigay?”

Being the model citizen that I am said, “Eh nagkamali ako

Tem said, “Kuya, para kang tanga, hindi mo ba alam na bago
mo makuha ‘yun eh magbabayad ka pa tapos may seminar pa.”

I answered, “Eh di maigi, may matutunan ako. May seminar?
Ayos yun.”

Nanay was furious while asking, “Bakit mo sinabing galing tayong
airport? Lalo tayong huhuthutan nyan!”

At the end of the day, the policeman was bribed; I got my
license and was scolded by both my sister and my mom.

Lessons Learned:

1. Never give your license immediately.

2. Never ever tell an officer that you just came from the


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