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Kape. Mainit.

downloadAte Pam, my eldest sister who has been based in Japan more than half her life seems to be slowly losing her command of the Philippine language. She would sometimes tell me, “Naiwan ang Ketai sa Kruma.” Naiwan ang celphone sa kotse. Last year, she was ordering a cup of coffee in Jollibee and she said, “Miss. Kape. Isa.” “Ma’am ano po?” asked the waitress. “Kape. Isa. Mainit.” Barok na?

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Collagen Sisters

My sisters and I have a chatroom in LINE where we all 5 of us are constantly updating each other. One time:

Richie: Kailan mas mabisa inumin ang gluta and collagen? Bago kumain or after?
Mimi: Bago matulog.
Pam: Natawa ako sa sagot ni Mimi. Bago kumain or after kumain ang tanong… ang sagot bago matulog!
Orlee: Hahaha.
Richie: Oo nga.
Tem: Hahaha
Richie: Buti na lang maganda ka Mimi. Ang hina mo.
Mimi: Hahaha.


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Sparkling Like a Diamond

rihanna-diamondAte Pam was trying to sing the new Rihanna tune. She sung something like this, “SPARKLING LIKE A DIAMOND…”
I laughed.
“Shine bright yun eh,” Ponette told her mom..

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Candy Crush Saga 2

My most dreaded fear happened today… in my Facebook chatroom… with my family.

Ate Mimi: Add nyo ko sa candy crush to play my level 35 accept nyoko plssssss. Asap plsssss.
Ate Richie: Mimi, oo accept ko.
Ate Mimi: Tnx
Ate Pam: Na-istuck nako sa level 35 di nako nakaalis dun, sampung taon na yata ako dun ei pati. Si Pau d makaalis si Pau mas matagal na dalawampung taon.
Ate Mimi: Hahhahahaa! Ako tapos na. Next level nako
Ate Pam: 36th Level ka na?Galing! Nag-iisip.
Ate Mimi: Kaya humingi ako accept nyoko tulad ni Chie dati. Si chie lang nag accept d nako naka antay. Bumili ako ng life. 85 Yen lang naman.
Ate Pam: Ah talaga? Bumili ka ng life pano mo yon babayaran?
Ate Mimi: Sa card. Visa.

Candy Crush Saga happened!

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 6.43.08 PM“No!”

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Doomsday Fail

My family is so accepting of doomsday.

My eldest sister in Japan on the phone talking to my mom in the Philippines, “Nay, kamusta dyan (sa Pinas)? Wala pa bang namamatay?”


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Paula’s Grad Pic

My niece posted her grad pic on her Facebook and was bombarded with comments.
“Pretty,” says one comment.
“Ganda,” says another.
My sister, Izumi’s mom, constantly comments, “Thanks,” “Thanks for liking guys,” and personally thanking those who liked.
“Ma? Ikaw si Izumi?” asked by Paula.

“Produkto n’ya,” I told my niece.


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Melting Time

While at Lourdes waiting for Ate Mimi and her kids, Ate Pam asked, “Nasaan ba si Mimi?” while waiting inside the Revo.
“Nagsindi ng kandila,” I told her.
“Kanina pa ‘yun ah,” she answered, “Kapag nagsindi ba ng kandila dapat bang hintaying matunaw ang kandila?” she followed up with a question.
“Di nga!?” She was seriously asking it.
“Hindi!” I answered laughing.
Tatay then cut in, hearing all the discussion, “Paano kaya kung ‘yung pinakamahaba pa ang sinindihan nilang kandila?”

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