Sagada Experience 1: Walking Your Feet Off

 Sagada Day 2 was all waterfalls searching. There are two waterfalls in Sagada, Bokong, the small falls and Bomod-Ok, the big falls.

The view was spectacular, the water was fresh and cold but the destination was really far. The distance of the small falls from where we stayed,St. Joseph

’s Resthouse, was an hour walk while the difference between the big falls and the small falls is a three hour trek.


I happily brought two sets of slippers with me, one was for walking and the other was my brown Havaianas (pang-porma).

Boo and Rommel also brought with them their Havaianas but they brought it exactly for walking with no alternatives.



We walked to the falls because we were “ON A BUDGET” tour. Halfway to the Bokong falls, Rommel said, “Ay! Di ko pala Havaianas ‘to!”

It was mine: Wala akong nagawa. Ayun napudpod!


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