Boob Tube

Mike Enriquez. Two words that may’ve not meant anything at all 10 years ago but is now a respected and well known news anchor.

Sam Milby. Two years ago, he was not even a household name.

I just have a comment for each of them (watching their respective shows tonight, while waiting for Amazing Race Asia): I really hate it when there’s is a new news clipping from abroad then Mike narates the clip: “Ayan po Oh! Tingnan n’yo.” As if we are not looking at the TV. “Nakita n’yo yun?” It’s as if he is lifting the TV and wants to rub it on our faces. I wanna say “Yes Mike, I saw it. I saw the man hit by the car. Who could miss it?”

And about Sam? He just walks awkwardly as if his head is not attached to his body. “It won’t fall off SAM!”


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