In lieu of a summer outing, my company decided to hold a Summer Bowling Tournament in SM Mall of Asia Bowling Center. It was my second time, in my two year stay with Generali Pilipinas, that a bowling tournament is sponsored by the company.

I hosted the event (Freida: Host ka nanaman? Sawang-sawa na kami, Orlee!) and also played some rounds. I cheered everybody while they play:

I would cheer for a strike (Meynard: Ayus!).

I would cheer for a split (Levin: Pare, dang-kulit mo!)

I would scream at each canal other players would play (Robin: Orlee, ‘wag ka nga dito! Nanggugulo ka!)

And laugh out loud for every dropped (not rolled) balls (Jemma: Humanda ka sa akin, Orlee, mamaya!).

After cheering, screaming and just plain mocking my colleagues (on top of hosting), I got tired and realized, “Nakakapagod pala ang bowling.”

“Eh paano!? Sigaw ka ng sigaw!” they would all answer.


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