Funny Bank Moment #18: Double Meaning

After I resigned from BDO. I thought I’ll say goodbye to my Funny Bank Moments. Since I’ll be living with bank employees here in Dubai, my FBM will now be about their own FBM’s. Duboi will be just a mere observer. It’ll start from here. FUNNY BANK MOMENT # 18:

Bing and Julius, my Dubai friends, works for RAK Bank as Tellers for the Core-Banking Division. This simply means that they are reserved tellers for the whole area.

It is inevitable that they’ll be moved from one branch to another. They are currently assigned in Deira Branch. Bing is becoming at ease in the branch and has decided that she doesn’t want to be moved out.

One other branch needed another teller. Since Bing and Julius are the reserved tellers for the area, it was decided that Bing will be ‘borrowed’ for a few weeks.

She was hesitant and said, “Huwag n’yo akong galawin!… Babae ako… Si Julius na lang ang galawin n’yo, lalaki s’ya.”


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