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Support in Gym

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.15.15 PMAt the gym, Atong and I interchange the usage of the word Support and Spot.
So when he told me to “support” him while he does his Pull Ups, instead of going below him and push his legs up, I went on his side and screamed, “Go! Go! Go! Kaya mo yan!”
He stopped and laughed it off.
“Seryoso na!” he told me.

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Gold’s Gym Trainor

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 11.00.07 PMIt has now been two months since I have rejoined a fitness club. This time, Atong, Ronald and I joined Gold’s Gym in Reef Mall.

As part of the one year membership in the said gym, every member had a chance to have an assessment and have a fitness plan to be given by the resident trainor. The first three session will be overseen by them.

For me, an Imus-native trainer was given to me – what a small world – and he was serious about his job. So serious that after the first session, my body ached for two days.

On my next visit, I assumed the worst and he gave me a fitness challenge: 3 km spinning at level 12, 20 push up, 20 jumping jack, 20 squats and 20 sit ups. It looked easy on paper but it was damn hard.

After clocking at 13 mins, I finally told my trainer, “Uy! Nakakapagod yun, ah. Thank you ha? Kelan ulit tayo?”
He then answered, “Anong kelan ulit tayo? Warm up pa lang ‘yun.”


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Gym Membership Freeze

Because I’ll have an Insurance Liscensure Exam on October, I decided to freeze my gym membership for a month so that I could convert my gym time to valuable study time. I called my gym on 13th September.
“Hello, health club?”
“Yes, sir?”
“I’d like to freeze my membership.”
“Why, sir? What’s your card number?”
I didn’t memorized my membership number so I got my card from my wallet. While reading out my membership number, I realized that my card also bears my expiry date: 13th August 2010.
“How long are you going to freeze my gym membership?”
“Umm….Ummm… One month?”
“Ok, sir, I’ll call you again.”

I told Ronald, “Isang buwan na pala akong nag-gy-gym ng libre?”
“Pa-freeze-freeze ka pa ha!? Ang kapal mo! Isang buwan ka nang libre sa gym!? Nakakahiya!”

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Expiry Date

I told the receptionist in my gym, “I’ll expire on the 14th.”
“No! Don’t say that!” she answered.

She was Indian and I forgot that for Indians, EXPIRE only means one thing: death.

When I realized this,  I told her, “Well… You can never say, right?”
“That’s true,” she smiled answering.

After I renewed earlier this evening, I told her, “So… When will I expire again?”
She laughed.

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Pulling Myself Up

I was just getting used to using the Pull Up Machine in the gym. Since I was seriously (take note: seriously) concentrating on my back muscles I knew the Pull Up Machine should be my friend.
Unfortunately, the Pull Up Machine is connected to the Lat Pull Down; hence, one cannot use it if someone is using the other. Sorry, I cannot find a photo of the machine on the web.

Earlier today in the gym, one Chinese woman was using the Lat Pull Down, so I asked her, “Can we alternate?”
She answered, “Sure!” This Chinese woman is still new to the gym so she is still being guided by the gym instructor.
I did my pull ups, “One…. Two…..” then jumped off. That’s my personal best.

When the gym instructor noticed why the Chinese woman stopped doing her pull downs he asked, “Why did you stop?”
She answered, “Because he,” pointing to me, “is doing the pull up… But he can’t do it.”
I reddened and  immediately told her, “Why not announce it to everyone?”

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Treadmill Class

On the topic of gym treadmills, X said, “Di ko kaya talaga tumakbo sa treadmill.”
“Why X? Nakakapagod?”
“Hindi. Boring.”
“Boring?” I asked her.
“Kasi paulit-ulit. Yun lang ang gagawin,” she answered.
“Ganun talaga ang treadmill, X, kaya dapat enjoy ka sa music or magpalibang ka,” I told her.
“Kaya nga cycling ako eh. Stationary bike.”
“X, ganun din ‘yun…”
Before I even continued she answered, “May spinning class ang bike ‘di ba?”
“Ay oo nga pala ‘no?” I realized.

“Alam ko na X,” I told her, “Gagawa rin ako ng treadmill class, ‘Talon! Ok, side steps! Now! Kandirit! Okay class, paatras naman!’
“X!” she screamed, “That is so you.”

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