Polly Levantino


My co-Financial Advisor assigned in BDO Imus 1 is a newly hired girl named Polly Levantino. Levantinos hail from Cavite City but since I rarely go to the historic city, her surname is not familiar to my ears.


One time, I needed to fax a document to her branch. As usual, I inputted in the heading ATTENTION POLLY LEVANTO, not knowing that I mistakenly ‘murdered’ her surname. After a few minutes, she called up, “Orlee, mali naman ang apelyido ko eh!” she exclaimed. I then asked for the correct surname and apologized, she then said, “Pag ginawa mo pa ‘yan lagot ka sa lolo ko.”

She asked for another document a few weeks later. I was smiling inside when I purposely murdered her surname the second time, ATTENTION POLLY LEVANTINATO. She was furious. She called up and screamed at me and then banged the phone.

If she would call again and ask for a document, I already know what to put: ATTENTION POLLY LEVANTINANTINO. Hahaha!


This is of course from someone who has a beautiful surname: BALDEDARA.


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