Tatay learned that I can download music files and burn them to CD (Thanks to Limewire). He has been looking for a CD compilation of his favorite band, Creedence Clearwater Revival and requested me to burn him a CD of that band.

While listening to the burnt CD on our component he asked, “Ganda siguro makinig nito sa iPod ‘no? Habang nag-ja-jogging.”

I just smiled. I knew he’ll ask for one.

He then asked, “Magkano ba iPod?”

I asked, “Alin, tay? Yung may screen?”

He said, “Basta yung magandang klase na.”

“Ah. Mga eleven thousand, ganun,” I said.

He cut me immediately, “Ah! Ok lang naman kahit CD na lang sa component.”


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