One Confusing Bus Ride

Here’s the list of the important bus stops to work:

  • Robinson’s Imus (where I get on the bus)
  • Patindig Araw
  • Silyas
  • Golden City
  • Salitran
  • Dasmarinas Bayan
  • SM Dasmarinas (where I get off for work)


In the bus to work this morning, I sat in the middle row of the bus. While being asked for my fare by the conductor, who was standing beside my seat, there was a guy who moved from his seat in the back row to the front row, the conductor then asked him, “Patindig Araw kayo?” while that guy was walking pass him.

The guy didn’t answer, so the conductor assumed that he was (getting off in Patindig Araw) since the next stop was it. So he screamed to the driver, “Oh! May Patindig Araw!”

The guy alarmed by the announcement answered, “Hindi ho! Silyas ho ako,” to the conductor.

Then a woman in the front row seemed to overhear the conversation and screamed, “Ay! Silyas na ho ba?!”

The conductor then answered, “Ay hindi pa po, Patindig Araw palang po.”

The driver overheard the words ‘Patindig Araw’ so he screamed, “May Patindig Araw!?”

The conductor then answered, “WALA!”



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