Elbowin Myself into the Crowd

When the Basketball Tournament was over, Bancassurance, my
Company’s Department had an after party in the Elbow Room, Metrowalk.

Arriving there, I couldn’t help but ask, “Why Elbow Room?”
With no one to ask this question, I remained quiet and just observed around and
stayed cool: Kailangan di halatang sa Tapsihan at mga Dampa ng Cavite lang ako nakakakain.


We sat at a table that was raised really high when you are
seated. It was about chest high. By this time I figured and exclaimed, “Ah kaya
elbow room! Kasi mataas yung mesa! Ang tendency i-bend yung siko natin, kaya
tayo nagkakasikuhan. Naggigitgitan!”

Some agreed, “Siguro nga.”

After a few hours, during the peak hour of the bar, the
covers were removed from the table and exposed the billiards table underneath!Naghanap pa ako ng explanation sa mesa,
hindi naman pala yun. 


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