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Ronald and Marclee were sits in St. Mary’s Baby’s Room. This room is especially designated for children to eliminate the screaming and crying of kids inside the church.

Two weeks ago, during a Eucharistic Celebration, at a time when everyone seems to be quiet inside the room. Marclee pointed at this picture and screamed, “DOG! DOG! DOG!”


Ronald felt embarrassed as the little boy should have screamed, “Lamb! Lamb! Lamb!”
Tin and Patrick silently snickered and told us after, “Nakakahiya. Ang tahimik tapos biglang sisigawan nya yung tupa ng dog!”

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Spanish Dula-Dulaan

“Madali lang naman mag-Spanish eh,” I told Ronald, “Bakit ayaw mo magsalita?” We were in Spain and basic words are understandable. Numbers are the familiar. Basic terms are comprehendible.

“Ayoko,” he admitted.
“Para kasing nagdudula-dulaan,” he answered.

“Dula-dulaan?” I wondered.
Atong laughed and explained, “Kasi di ba sa mga play sa Pilipinas, sinakop tayo ng Spain kaya puro Español ang salita.”

“Por que!”


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And’yan Lang S’ya

I talk in my sleep. I’m one of the 20% of the population that speaks out his dreams during his REM.

Early this month, Ronald, my roommate, woke up at around 3 am to take a pee. 3 AM is the bewitching hour. Strange things happen during this time… or so they say.

Being the jumpy person that he is, he is easy to freighten, he hesitated but eventually gave in to his bladder.

Once he returned to the room, I spoke out, while speeling, “Andyan lang s’ya…. Lulutang-lutang.”
He knew I was not awake as I snored immediately afterwards.
He jumped to his bed, went under his sheets and tried to forget what he heard. Tried real hard to go back to sleep.


Andyan lang sya… Lulutang-lutang…

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Whenever he sees the word AAWWWW on whoever replies to him, Ronald would hear the scream of the Sex Bomb Dancers.

“May sakit ako.”

“Miss na kita.”

“May problema sa branch.”

He confronted Atong, because he cannot take it anymore, “Atong, tignan mo tong mga reply ni Bing. Aww! sya ng Aww! Para syang aso.”
“Hind yan ‘Awww!’ Ano yan “Awwww” na parang naaawa,” Atong replied.

We all laughed hearing this.


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Churchill Statue

Seeing this statue, Romald said, “Yan yung kalaban ni Batman.”


That was wrong in so many levels. This is Winston Churchill and he is definitely not THE PENGUIN.

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Who I Am?

6-18_siri_2Ronald was playing with Atong’s Siri on his iPhone, “How’s the temperature in London?” and Siri would gladly answer.
Afterwards, he screamed, “WHO I AM?!”
Siri answered, “You are Renato, that’s what you told me, anyway.”
At that point Atong and I were laughing our asses off already as his sentence construction was wrong and that he has asked it as if he was bullying Siri.

The days that followed that moment, we went on screaming randomly at Ronald, “WHO I AM!?”

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Rodriguez Shades

Ronald was wearing his Oakley over while wearing a suit for work, we told him, “Hindi naman bagay yang shades mo sa suot mo. Dapat formal din.”
He has answered, “Pang tulog ko lang naman yan sa Metro.”
“Pero kahit na. Dapat RayBan.”
“Hindi naman bagay sa akin ang RayBan. Nauuntog sa pisngi ko.”
“Anong RayBan ba ang alam mo?” I asked him,” Yung Aviator lang ba? Marami nang klase ng RayBan. Hindi na to 1970s,”
“Yun lang kasi alam ko yung laging suot ni Rodriguez,” I knew he meant Michelle Rodriguez.
“Celia Rodriguez?” Eric asked.
We all laughed. We all imagined Ronald idolizing Celia Rodriguez’ shades.


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Lent Sacrifice

Every year, the Catholic Church encourages us to have a “Lent Sacrifice” where we let go our earthly habits in order to remember our Lord’s own sacrifice for the whole lent period (roughly 40 days). This is the same as fasting from food but it could be anything from not eating sweets (my sacrifice last year) to logging off from Facebook (a friend’s sacrifice).

This year, Mitch is trying REAL HARD to stay away from coffee while I promised to not eat in-between meals. Ronald swore that he will be good during this period and not discriminate against people. Usually we would hear something like, “Ang baho nitong katabi ko,” or the usual “Ang baduy ni kuya.”

Last week, we were watching THE WALKING DEAD when he accidentally uttered that a pair of characters are good for each other, “Bagay yang dalawang yan…”
“Bakit!?” We wide-eyed asked him. We knew he was about to trash talk both characters.
“Kasi… ummm… Pareho silang matapang saka mabait.”


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Run To You

Last Thurday, Ronald got bored and ran to her girlfriends house. It’s healthy, inexpensive and kills boredom. The only problem? It’s from Deira to Jaffiliya! That’s an hours ran away.
We were impressed when we learned about it.


I suggested to Atong, “Takbo rin tayo sa girlfriend natin?” Mitch was living a floor away from me while his girlfriend, Chryzel, lives in Muhaisna (3 hours run away).
“No way!” he screamed.

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Biodegradable Burger

“Magkakaroon na ng Elevation Burger sa Al Ghurair (mall),” Ronald excitedly told us.
“Client namin yun,” I told everyone.
“Biodegradable ang burger nila,” he proudly told us.
“Baka naman ORGANIC?!” I sarcastically answered.
“Ay! Oo. Organic,” he stood corrected.

Elevation Burger

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