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Kay Tereng 

On our way to DWC Airport for our Jordan trip…

Mitch: Rollie, san birthday ni Aria gaganapin?

Rollie: Sa Mamzhar. Wala pa nga nagcoconfirm sa birthday ni Aria. Di ko tuloy alam sasabihin ko sa Catering. 

Mitch: Sino si Tereng? (Organizer, maybe? She thought herself.)

I laughed so hard. Tereng’s real name is Theresa the Caterer. 



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It’s Just a Movie

We can’t help but watch horror flicks with the 2-year old boy, Marclee. His room is our living room so he can’t go anywhere. 

He would sit with us and watch the same films that we are watching. So whenever a scary scene pops up he would wedge himself between Ronald and the couch, hiding his body but looking at the screen. 

Unfortunately, Ronald is the biggest scaredy cat amongst us and scream on frightening scenes. “Aaaaaaaahhhhh!”

Marclee would then cry out of fear. He will then console the kid, “It’s only a movie, baby…”

“It’s only a movie?!!!!!” We would scream at him, “Eh ikaw ang inang sumisigaw!”

  “Oo nga naman, Dada.”

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Morgan Freeman

I tend to memorize the names of the actors when watching movies. 

It’s difficult for me to just let it go and forget that tingling itch it of “Where did I see that guy again?” 

My wife , on the opposite of the spectrums fails to recognize the faces of the actors. It was really a surprise for me (and felt a little proud) when she said “Si Morgan yan di ba?”

This was while watching Batman Begins yesterday. 

“Sige nga ano apelyido nya?” I further challenged her. 

“Morgan… Morgan Fox?!”

I laughed so hard. I then told her, “Morgan Young!”

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I’ve Been to London

“Hindi talaga ako nagjajacket sa ganitong weather,” I told my wife. It’s 19 degrees in Dubai. 

“Bakit?” She asked. 

“Para pwede ko sabihin sa mga tao: Hindi ako giniginaw kasi mas malamig pa sa London, para malaman nila na well traveled ako,” I answered. 

“Ang yabang! Ako kasi talaga dati pang ganito,” she answered. 


“Hindi ako mayabang! Ginawin!” She screamed,  “Ikaw ang mayabang talaga.”

“Hon, Ikaw kaya ang mayabang,” I told her, “Kasi lagi kang nakahawak sa akin. Pinagmamalaki mo sa buong mundo Na ako ang napangasawa mo.”

“Ang yabang mo!”


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Soundcloud Recording Career

I received this in my email. 

I then told Bing, Atong and Ronald, “Guys pano ba yan. May nagiinvite samin ni Mitch maging recording artists. Don’t worry hindi kami magbabago kahit sikat na kami.”

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Limit Film

“Nanood kami kagabi ng Limitless,” I told Ronald. 

“Yung sa bundok?” He asked. 

“Vertical Limit yung sinasabi mo!”


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