Teto, Sokat Mo?

“Teto sokat mo?”

I have nothing against my nieces being raised by their yaya’s. But there is just one little thing…a little bit of protest here.

My sister just told me today that our niece asked her this morning if the one peso in the bedroom is hers “Tita Tem, kanino yung peso?” It would sound as if she is asking in a Taglish manner but we know better so my sister said “Hindi peso, PIIIIIIIIIISSSO (piso).”Said with emphasis on the Tagalog word for peso. So my niece corrected herself, “Tita Tem, kanino yung PIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSU?” We’re still hoping we could do something about it but for now “Lula, onan ko?” and “Tita Tem, kanino ang pisu?” would be acceptable.


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