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DFC Performance

1461218_10152063382075067_41543715_nFor four days we sang twenty minutes every hour during the last weekend before Christmas.

During the final set of the final day, I told the guys, “Pano ba yan? Last set na… It has been nice working with you guys.”
“Oa lang kuya?” Mat asked.

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TBT #11: Christmas Memo

Christmas 2008:

This memo came from Admin Dept yesterday morning:

Dear All,

As we do this every year please may I request all to wear something REDtomorrow (24 Dec 2008)  to celebrate the festive season.  I shall reiterate that wear something that can been seen without you making an effort to show it !!  hence undergarments, socks and vest and not counted for.

Let’s all be a good sport.  There will be photo sessions as well so you can bring your cameras.  I am trying to arrange some goodies, if I succeed then we will meet in the pantry at 9.30am and enjoy the same, else we will have to be satisfied with our red clothes and load of laughs.



Why point out?


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Christmas Off

santa_cell_phoneCarol did a call brigade asking the Filipinos if we wanted to take a leave on Christmas day. Unfortunately for me, I used all my leaves for the whole year traveling to Philippines, Kenya, Armenia and South Korea.
“What? Orlee? You used all your leaves?” my boss asked.
“No Christmas leave for you then,” she told me, “Now, can you transfer this to Eugene,”
Tahill, my Indian colleague, asked, “What was that about?”
“It was our boss, asking if we wanted to take a leave on Christmas…. Tahill! Hurry! Pretend you’re Christian so you could take a leave.”
He looked at me blankly and said, “Orlee… I AM CHRISTIAN!”
Face palm moment.

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Mark’s Merry Christmas

834_4689664532230_2059629196_nWe all decided to wear red on our Christmas Eve party. All agreed and arrived that night wearing the staple holiday color, all of us except for Mark, as he needed to go to work in an hour’s time after our party started. He wore his white shirt. He needed to run after we ate our Noche Buena so we decided to handover all our gifts before he left. While doing this one blurted, “Parang outreach program lang para kay Mark oh!”

We all saw what was obvious and we all laughed.
“Parang kawawa naman si Mark!” we agreed while laughing.


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6 Days of Christmas

One client decided to cancel our choir as our price was too high. They requested the price to be half-ed so I told the group, “Instead na 12 Days of Christmas… 6 Days na lang.”
“It’s the so-so wonderful time of the year.”

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Christmas Leave

I sent the following email to my boss…

Dear Carol,
I don’t know if you’ll approve but I would still try to ask (so that I would not have regrets by not asking), can I take 22nd and 25th off? I will access my emails from home from both days so no need to worry about transferring accounts to Sharad or Prabheesh.
For your kind consideration. Merry Christmas.

I showed it to my Hindu colleague  and said, “Orlee, that is so smart. I’ll definitely do this on Diwali.”

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2011 Starbucks Planner for Me 2

Aside from Z getting LBM out of my Christmas gift, her brother also suffered from the Starbucks overload:

“Tara alis tayo! Libre kita?” Z asked her brother.
“Saan!?” he asked cheerfully.
“Ayoko na sa Starbucks. Masakit na tyan ko.”

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Christmas Forever

Because we still have not found a box to put the Christmas decorations, everything is wherever they are since last month.

One houseguest asked, “Wow! Ano ‘to? Christmas Forever?”

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Spell Casserole

“Gagawin kong Turkey Casserole ang tira nating handang turkey,” Ronald said.
“Aaaahhhhhh lechong paksiw,” one of us asked.
“Turkey Casserole! Mas sosyal,” he screamed.
“Sige nga,” one of us tried to challenge him, “Spell casserole…”
” Umm…. Sige na nga lechong paksiw na lang.”

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2011 Starbucks Planner for Me

“Huwag ka nang malungkot, Orlee,” Zinnia told me before she went home to Manila.
“Ang lungkot kaya nun! Wala akong kausap na Pinoy dito sa office tapos Pasko pa! Shet! Homesick!” I told her.
“Huwag kang mag-alala. Uuwian kita ng Starbucks Planner.”

After a week or two…

“Orlee! Nag-e-LBM na ako sa Toffeenut Frapuccino ‘di pa kumpleto ang stickers! Lagi kaming nasa Starbucks para makuha ang planner. May two weeks pa ako.”
Being the sadistic friend that I am, I told her “Z! Wala kang choice, pangako mo ‘yan. Hehe.”


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