After 12 years of wearing eyeglasses / contacts, I’ve finally decided to have a LASIKOperation. My co-book club founder, Estella, had one and advised me that it is great not to be trapped in glasses anymore.

My Eye Doctor advised me last year that my eye grade is too low for a LASIK Operation. I’ve decided to ruin my eyes for the operation. My eyes are currently in 250 Power. Most four eyed people have it when they have a 700 vision.

After a year of reading in a moving vehicle, reading in the dark, watching TV without the lights on, reading books that has really small fonts, surfing the net with my eyes too close to the PC, I just had my eye examined this afternoon for a new pair of contacts (my current contact lenses are due), and guess what? My eye grade is still the same and worst: my astigmatism got lowered.









Damn! Useless books!


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