Vending Scam

Image010 In the Generali Pilipinas Pantry, there are Softdrinks and Coffee Vending Machines. Since I am not a fan of softdrinks I always order my favorite Mocha Flavored (Twelve Peso) Coffee.

During the afternoon merienda, Boss Don, Meynard and I passed by the vending machine and saw that the Coffee Machine already has a 5-peso Credit! That means I only need two put seven pesos and Vuala! I have my favorite coffee.

I immediately inserted my one peso coins in the coin slot without even checking if the machine does accept it. After inserting 6 pesos I realized that the display still says “YOUR CREDIT IS 5.00” I guess the vending machine is broken.

Bye-bye 6 pesos! That’s the karma for my “kasakiman”.


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