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Tweet of the Week: Expensive Swimsuit

Saw this yesterday morning:

“Bibili ka ng mahal na swimsuit, iihian mo lang naman. – wise words from my Tita (Mimi).”


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Twitter Confusion

Aside from my own twitter account, @orleee, I am also managing my Dubai choir’s twitter account, @cvc_dve. I am being myself whenever I tweet on my own account while I only announce Christian Voices Chorale’s events using the church choir’s account.

Orlee TweetCVC tweet

One drunken evening, I saw a tweet from @jamylya407, sharing her experience reading FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.
I commented, “Kinky!” Of course, knowing Murphy’s Law, I was using @cvc_dve.
@jamyla407 replied, “Yes. At talagang church choir ang nagre-reply sa akin.”
That’s when I realized my mistake. I immediately deleted my tweet and pretended nothing happened.

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Tweet of the Week: Unfollow the Cavite Governor

When the governor of Cavite twitted that the suspension of classes will resume on 10 August, after the dreaded Habagat disaster of 2012, she has thought of the best solution to prolong her holiday…


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Habagat Oversupply

While everybody else was drowning because of the oversupply of the Habagat rains, my niece tweeted:

Conyo Problem!?


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London 2012 Opening Ceremony

Watching the parade of countries for the London 2012 Olympics, I felt I needed to tweet this:


They were saying, “Dahil ganyan ang itsura nya, Track and Field yan.”
“Singkit! Badminton.”
“Canadian! Hockey!”
“Mataba! Weight lifting!”

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Atom Araullo and My 5 and Up Days

My friend tweeted this.

She was referring to this:

I showed this to Atong and he said, “Para nga kayong magkaibigan.”
“Oo lagi ko syang ka-tweet,” I replied, “Sabay di ako mag-re-reply. Bahala s’ya!”
Atong laughed.
“Nag-reply ako sa friend ko ng…”

“Haha! 5 and Up!” Atong laughed.
“Oo nga,” then I showed him this.

See the young me at 3:34


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Tweet of the Week

“Lahi ba sila ng halimaw?”
“Saan ba sya nakatira sa kural?”

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Miggy’s Angry Bird Addiction

Miggy knows how to play Angry Birds. The only hindrance between the game and him is when the iPad is in the home screen. “Tito, paano yung ‘Angry Birds’?”
One time he asked, “Tito palaro nitong Angry Birds?” while pointing at this app…

“Naku!” I told him, “Hindi yan Angry Birds. Twitter ‘yan.”

Bird nga naman yung sa twitter.


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Tweet of the Week: Honmei-choko

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My Junior Masterchefs

I am such a fan of the cooking of the show that I tweeted…

Then Sam replied…

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