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Ronald the Gulliver

“Sabi ni Bing napaka-Gulliver ko,” Ronald said after telling him that I really like his MacBook Air.
” Haha! Gullible! Hindi gulliver! Ano ka higante?”
“Si Bing nagsabi nun! Nakakahiya si Bing UST pa man din s’ya.”

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Larawan ng Inggit

Ronald with his new MacBook Air. Bing: Green with Envy.


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Bing’s Singapore Shirt

“Orlee, Singapore t-shirt ko ha?” Bing asked me. I’ll be flying to Singapore on December.
“Ay! Ummm…” I have to think of some reason so that I could not pass not having to spend for an expensive t-shirt.
“Kahit ‘yung SINGAPORE IS A FINE CITY t-shirt.”
“Bawal na raw ‘yun… Kasi ano… Na-offend daw ang government ng Singapore. Pinagbawal na s’yang i-produce…” Yes! That’s a valid excuse.
“Shuhada!” she exclaimed, “Gagawa ka pa ng reason, eh alam mo namang pag-alis mo sa Singapore ako naman ang darating. Magpapalusot ka pa d’yan! Tinetesting lang kita.”

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Noong Araw

I’ve heard that back then, rich college students used to work in fastfood restaurants as a part-timer just for the heck of it. They don’t need the money just the experience.

I didn’t really know about this so I wanted to verify. I asked my friends during one dinner, “Noong araw ba?….”
Bing immediately looked up and answered, “Oh!? Noong araw? Ako makakasagot n’yan. Yes?”

The Dinner

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Span of Time

“Grabe, Orlee, ‘di n’ya alam ang phrase na Span of Time!” complained Bing. Her colleague doesn’t know the term.
Ronald reacted, “Yun lang ‘di n’ya alam?”
I then asked him, “Sige nga! Ikaw nga! Ano ibig sabihin ng Span of Time?”
“Pahabain ang oras!” He answered proudly.
“Bet! Hindi EXPAND OF TIME! Span of time!”

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Bing’s Hell: Story After

Bing was in the Philippines when I posted this blogpost on her facebook wall.
After she returned to her RAK flat, she noticed that her flatmates were ignoring her up to the point of being rude. Snobbing her everytime.
She received a call from her friends, “Bing, bin-log ka ni Orlee ah.”
“San mo nakita?” she asked.
“Nasa facebook wall mo.”
“Naku!” she screamed, “Friends ko kaya sa facebook ang mga flatmate ko!”

Kaya pala ‘di nila ako pinapansin.

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Permea Plus 2

“Kamusta ‘yung shampoo mo?” Bing asked when she visited from RAK three weeks ago.
“Ok naman. Magaspang s’ya sa buhok pero ewan ko lang kung ano ang resulta,” I answered.
“Mahal naman kasi.”
“Kaya nga tinitipid ko eh. Every other day lang ako mag-shampoo.”
“Ayun naman pala eh. Tipid.”
“Kaya nga alam ko kung may gumagamit na iba eh,” I followed up eyeing Ronald.

He knew what I was thinking so he screamed, “Hoy! May sarili akong shampoo!”

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