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Uto-utong Atong

Being the only users of iPad in the choir (so far), I told Atong, “Ang galing oh! Pwede gamitin ang ilong sa pag-browse ng iPad,” while showing how to do it. It was a silent dare.
He followed suit, used his nose and said, “Oo nga no!?”


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Sketch ng Bahay


“Application Form, Joining Fee, 2×2 Picture saka Sketch ng bahay,” the EVP for Membership told the applicants of DLSU-D Chorale.
A few days after, one applicant brought all and the sketch of their house’s blueprint.

The EVP Membership told him, “Ummm…. Wala naman kaming balak akyatin ang bahay n’yo. Yung sketch ng address nyo. Kung paano pumunta sa bahay nyo…. Hindi kung nasaan ang Masters Bedroom o kusina.”

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Nasi Goreng Again

It was Miggy‘s 4th birthday celebration in Dubai at Wild Ginger Restaurant.

“Baka Nasi Goreng nanaman ang orderin mo ha?” Ronald guessed.
“Hindi naman. Pero parang gusto ko yung chicken na nasa stick saka sunny side up na itlog,” I answered.

“Eh yun din yun eh!” he saw the picture in the menu.

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Thrifty Orlee

“Sabi ko kay Ronald, Atong at Bing na ako na sa entrance sa RAK ghost town, sila na sa hotel, pamasahe at pagkain ayaw ba naman!” I shared to Z that I wanted to see the famed ghost town here in UAE.
“Orlee, uutakan mo nanaman sila?!” Z knows how very ‘thrifty’ I am.
“Excuse me, Z? ‘Nanaman’?”
She smiled and defended herself, “Sorry! Naman lang pala. Eto naman sumobra lang ang ‘na’. Uutakan mo naman sila.”


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Round About

After he paid AED 100, the cashier asked Arn, “How much do you think your change will be?”
“Round about… 92,” he answered.
“There’s no round about here!” the cashier jokingly answered. Arn meant ‘around’ or ‘about’ but he buckled and combined the two words which confused the cashier.

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Maricar’s Marathon

Maricar, one of my closest buddy back in college, joined a 3K marathon at the Mall of Asia Grounds in Manila a few months ago. Her sister asked her to join so she tagged along.
It was her first time to join a marathon so she felt like she needed to show off and prove herself.

After sometime, she felt tired and wanted to give up. She wanted to hitch on the passing jeepneys and finish the marathon via the public transport. She felt as if the marathon was too long while seeing everybody else already running back.

At the finish line, she saw waiting for her waving.
“Bakit nauna ka pa?”
“Ate, 3K lang kasi tayo. 5K yung tinakbo mo.”

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Magpapakain sa Buong Classroom

My sister and I over the phone…

T: Kuya! Birthday na ni Miggy!
O: Ay oo nga pala.
T:  Magpapakain ako sa buong classroom. Jollibee na lang. Spag saka chicken.
O: Wow! Ang yaman! Buong classroom?!
T: Syempre naman.  Mayaman ako eh… Saka pito lang sila sa classroom.

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