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Show Us the Prize

“New Year’s Resolution ko talaga na hindi na ako mag pi-peace sign sa picture,” I told Ronald and Atong. Here was my declaration back in January…

I reminded them this because while we were browsing thru old Facebook photos, we have noticed that both of them love to do the same thing, not the peace sign but the hands up in the air pose.

It’s as if they are showing the prizes of a gameshow. Whenever a picture of the “hands in the air” pose appear we would scream the prize in the background.

Imagine this voice in the background: “Atong and Ronald, can you show us the prizes for this category…”

“Universal Studios!”

“A Water Fountain!”

“An Arabian Tower!”

“Your Own Hallway!”

“And for the Grand Prize: Wind Mills!”

When they both realized their perpetual position, Ronald suggested, “New Year’s Resolution na nga rin natin ‘yan. Wag na tayo magtataas ng kamay.”

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After seeing Harry Potter for the last time on the big screen, I told Atong, “Sa next cosplay natin ikaw na lang si Voldermort.”
“Walang ilong ‘yun!” He answered.
“Transparent na scotch tape lang yun or packaging tape tapos bubutasan nalang natin.”



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Tweet of the Week


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Shredded Cheese

Ronald and Che-che were talking to each other about how to cook a certain dish.

I was half listening to them as I am not interested in cooking but when Che said something about adding shredded cheese I’ve got to ask, “Excuse me? Ano ‘yun? Shredded Cheese?”
Che answered, “Oo. Shredded.”
“Hindi ba dapat GRATED?”
“Ay, Oo! Grated pala.”
“Kalaban ba ng Ninja Turtles ‘yan? Si Shredder?”

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Ronald was trying to share to us that he has experienced back in Manila being entered by burglars, “Niransak talaga yung bahay namin…”
I cut him off, “Ano yung Ransak? Tagalog o English.” He was definitely using the word in the right context but I just wanted to confirm if he knew that it was an English word.
“Ahhh…. Tagalog?”
Che-che and Atong laughed, “English ‘yun! Ransack!”
“Akala ko malalim na Tagalog ‘yun. Ransak. Ransack pala ‘yun.”

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Stomach Sleepers

“Paano ka ba matulog?” I asked Ronald while we were inside Ikea. I was planning to buy a new pillow.
“Nakapikit,” he jokingly answered.
“Kailangan ko kasi ng Stomach Sleeper Pillow kasi nakadapa ako matulog.” I answered. I left them and looked around. There were Side-Sleeper Pillows and Back Sleepers but I knew what I needed.
When I came back to my friends, they were laughing hysterically. Atong told me, “Ang alam ni Ronald pala ang Stomach Sleeper Pillow eh ‘yung niyayapos na unan sa tyan.”
“Akala ko talaga!” Ronald defended, “Kasi stomach!”

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Atong’s Favorite Pair of Shorts

When Ronald and Atong were newly acquainted, Ronald have noticed that Atong wears a pair of shorts every time Atong goes out. Ronald told me, “Parang yun lang ang laging suot in Atong.”
He was hesitant to point it out to his  new friend but since the friendship are forged better, Ronald can finally say this, “ANO BA SUOT MO NANAMAN ‘YANG SHORT NA ‘YAN?!”
Atong, quite embarrassed, asked, “Napansin n’yo ba?”
“Isa lang ba short mo?” we asked him.
“Di naman. Favorite ko lang.”
“Hindi naman halata…”

Boracay Trip

Jed Madela Concert in Dubai

Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines

NBA Jam Fest in Abu Dhabi

Photo op when he bought his car.

Desert Safari in Dubai

While touring Singapore

“Napansin n’yo rin pala!” Marish told us afterwards, “Akala ko ako lang nakakapansin.”
“Favorite mo ‘yung brown mong short talaga,” Ronald told Atong, “Pati si Marish nahalatang yun lang ang suot mo.”
“Hoy! Yellow ‘yun!”


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