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Overstaying Tem

When my sister realized that she’s overstaying and is stepping on my bedtime during her last visit, she asked, “Antok na ba kayo? Uwi na ba ako?”
“O sige. Good night!” I told her.
“O sige. Uwi na ako,” she replied.

After she got her things and ready to go, she told me, “Kuya, ba-bye na.”
“Ay… Ganun ba? Di ka na papaawat? Nakakalungkot naman uuwi ka na.”
“Arte mo!” she screamed, “Matulog ka na!”

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OrMando Baldedara: Gym Instructor

When I was always staying late in the office, my gym buddies would say, “Ay sayang nag-OT ka. Di ka makapag-gym.”
Lately, I have the time to come home early and finally able to come with them to work out.

Unfortunately, I always tell them, “Huy! Mali ang technic. Ayusin n’yo. Amateurs…” or something like that.
They finally gave up and said, “Mag-OT ka na nga lang. Mando ka ng mando!”


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Cheese Browser

Sheery: Orlee, ano tong nag-pop sa screen ko?
Orlee: Ano nakalagay?
Sheery: Would you like Internet Explorer as your Default Web Browser.
Orlee: Ano ba web browser mo?
Sheery: Ano yung web browser?
Orlee: Saan ka nag-iinternet?
Sheery: Ahh… Sa Internet Explorer.
Orlee: Eh di YES ang click mo.
Sheery: Mas maganda raw Mozarella?
Orlee: Alin? ‘Yung keso?
Sheery: Mozarella ba ‘yun? Ay Mozilla pala!


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Sleep Talkin’ 11: Cake

Ronald woke up at my screams two nights ago, “Ang laki ng cake! Ang laki ng cake! Ang laki ng cake!”
“Shuhada…” he answered sleepily.

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Forever Alone Birthday Cake

My niece celebrated her Sweet 16 today…

How thoughtful! She gave herself a birthday cake. Thoughtful and sad…


Happy 16th Birthday @zumipau!

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Jebel Hafeet Trip

“Dun tayo sa OVERVIEW,” Ronald told me. We were at the top of Jebel Hafeet. The two of us were part of Che-che’s plus 5.
“Sa overview?” I asked.
“Dun sa dinurungawan nila.”
“Ahhh..” I realized, “Sa view deck.”
“Ay oo! Sa libro pala ang overview.”

 Me and Che at the “Overview”

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Arrogant Tweet



Wake Up Call

It was Friday, my church day.
The alarm went off so I went straight to the bathroom.
Braved the cold water of the shower and dragged myself to prepare for church.
I looked at the wallclock: 3:30 AM.
There is something wrong there as I need to get up at 5:00 AM, “It must be broken,” I told myself.
I immediately looked at my watch: 3:30 AM.
I checked my phone: It was not an alarm but a missed call.


Lesson learned: Check the phone’s time before getting up.

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Gaining 6 Kilos

“Tuma ba raw si She ng 6 kilos!” a choirmate shared.
“Ows!?” I asked.
“Oo. Nasa Facebook n’ya.”

“Ganun?” Atong asked, “Ano yun? Kumain ng semento?”
I laughed.
“Baka 6 lbs lang kasi,” he followed.


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Tweet of the Week

Fairly relatable to how I feel. In the tune of Bruno Mars’ song

Thanks, Paul.


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