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Who Will Do It: The Professional Decision

Roy, Kris and I make up the department of Reconciliation and Invoicing. Sarah, our team-in-charge told us to create a draft email that we could send to various insurance companies requesting them to refrain from clubbing brokerage amounts of various invoices into one.
We only needed one email draft so since we have to decide equally on who will create it… we resorted to the most professional way of deciding stuff: Maalis Taya!


Kris laughed, “Very professional!”

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Roy on Having Kids

Roy CandyRoy, my colleague, got married. The usual next question after that is, “Kelan kayo mag-aanak ni Candy (his wife)?”
“Ayaw muna namin mag-anak. Boring kasi,” he answered.
“Z…” I screamed, “boring daw mag-anak oh…” she has a 2 year old son.
Z got our attention and said, “Sige Roy paki-explain kung pano naging boring mag-anak.”
“Ummm. Ano kasi.. um ano..”


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Careless Whisper

“Pre, what time ka uuwi?” Roy asked me. Whispering. Our boss was in earshot distance.
“Bakit ka bumubulong?” I asked him, “Tagalog naman tayo mag-usap.”
“Ah oo nga no? What time ka uuwi?” He asked again. This time louder.
“English naman yun!”

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Roy was hungry, “Meron ka bang makukutkot?” he asked me.
“Balakubak. Scab ng sugat,” I answered.
“Yak! Kadiri ka bro.”
“Kukot kasi hindi kutkot.”

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“Ok naman sila,” Roy told me about a group of his friends, “Lahat kasi Christian.”
“So ang ibig mong sabihin kapag hindi Christian masama ang ugali?” I asked him, ” Pare, racist ka. Ay di pala… Religionist ka.”


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“Ang laki na ng tyan ko,” Roy told me while looking at my stomach.
“Eh bakit sa tyan ko ikaw nakatingin?” I asked.
“Kino-compare ko lang.”

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