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Lily’s Disneyland Surprise!

Something that’ll touch your heart…

Cuteness overload. So cute, you’ll cry.


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Farewell Alpha Nerd: Steve Jobs

Ness woke up to the sad news that bombarded cyberspace yesterday morning, “Steve Jobs is dead.”

Anj told her this even after she already read the tweets first thing she opened her eyes, “Patay na si Steve Jobs.”
“Oo nga,” she answered not knowing who this STEVE JOBS was.

On her way to work she thought to herself, “Saan kayng bansa presidente si Steve Jobs? Leader kasi nakalagay sa mga tweets.”  We laughed so hard but deep inside, I felt the sadness. #iSad… He was somehow a hero for me. An alpha nerd as you may put it.

I’ve summarized below the links about all things Apple on my blog for Steve…

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Masskara Festival for Atong

Invited by Che to visit her in Ilo-ilo next week, Atong asked, “Baka pwedeng mag-ibang province din tayo like Guimaras or Bacolod?”
Che answered, “Ay! Sayang Masskara Festival sana sa Negros ng 3rd week of October.”
“Hindi ba pwedeng 1st week  of October na lang yun?” Atong begged.

I, overhead this conversation, sarcastically told Atong, “Tumawag nga pala and mayor ng Bacolod. Dahil pupunta ka raw sa kanila, i-mo-move daw nila ang matagal nilang tradisyon para sa’yo.”

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Anj and Turkish Ice Cream

Have you seen Turkish Ice Cream being served? There’s a complex ceremony before you have your coneful. See this…

So when Anj decided to spend her last few Turkish Liras at the airport by treating us to Turkish Ice Cream, she asked the vendor, “Kuya! Wag ka na mag-show! Nagmamadali na kami.”  as if the Turk would understand her.

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Ang Babae sa Banga

A month after telling Shee that the new Eugene Domingo movie is really good, she finally decided to download it.
She told her husband, “Dee, download mo yung sabi ni Orlee na Ang Babae sa Banga.”
Brand answered with a question, “Horror ba yun?”
“ANG BABAE SA SEPTIC TANK!” Ronald and I screamed.

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My Junior Masterchefs

I am such a fan of the cooking of the show that I tweeted…

Then Sam replied…

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Istanbul Accommodation

One lunchtime discussion in Istanbul, Turkey…

“Pwede na talaga yung Hostel natin di ba?” one of us said.
“Oo naman. Lagi naman tayong nasa labas eh.”
“Talagang tulugan lang s’ya.”
“Pero yung mga motel dito, kakaiba no?” I told them, “Ang liit talaga. Unlike sa Pinas. Sa Pinas, malaki talaga yung mga space. Talagang binigyan ng effort sa pagpapaganda. Kahit mga motel.”
They all nodded and answered, “Oo nga.”
Then I realized what I just did and asked them, “Bakit alam n’yo na malalaki and mga motel sa Pilipinas?”


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A 5-day Istanbul trip will give you more time to visit the ‘not by the book’ places.

We asked amongst ourselves, “Saan pa tayo?”
“Meron pa! Pero mag-ba-bus. Sa Mini-a-tur,” Atong answered.
I felt sad for him and slowly corrected him, “Miniature (mini-a-choor),” Poor guy. He doesn’t know how to pronounce the word.
“Miniature nga! Puro kasi lugar sa Turkey yun. Mini-a-turk!” he defended himself.
I laughed at my mistake and told him, “Naawa talaga ako sayo. Akala ko sabi mo miniatoor.”


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Caribbean Drinks and Aliens

During my birthday…

“Kuya, hindi tayo nakagawa ng Bull Frog dahil wala tayong Blue Curacao,” my sister, the bartender for my birthday, told me. She has pronounced the Caribbean country as KURAKAW. The drink, was apparently, in demand.
“Tem… Curacao (kyu-ra-saw),” I told her.
“Ay ganun ba ‘yun? Ok!” She answered.

After a few minutes,  she approached me, “Kuya, may bisita kang kagaya ko. Umorder ba naman ng Mojito (mo-jee-to). Natawa na lang ako sa loob ko. Baka ibigay ko sa kanya si Mojacko. Moja-moja.”

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