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Circle of Life Lower

11822414_10206432478427431_1029797217636213623_nFermel and I share singing the solo parts of our choir’s rendition of Circle of Life.
Since he is back in the Philippines, I had to rehearse and try singing the full song alone — with the high parts.

During rehearsal yesterday, I was still able to hit the high notes.
The choir erupted in cheers.

After two more hours and on a different venue (we had to transfer from the church to The Fridge warehouse for our rehearsal) I cannot reach it anymore and my tones was stuck flat.
I was holding a microphone singing in front of the stage when Joy screamed, “Orlee, sa part ni Fermel ibaba mo lang.”
I was kinda nervous and had a sigh of relief when Joy said this, “Hay salamat. Octave lower,” I told myself

When I sang his part (octave lower) Joy screamed, “Yung mic lang ibaba mo. Hindi tono.”

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Ruby’s Audition

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 12.54.41 PMWe are in full Audition Season in our choir this month. There were those who made it and some were part of the unlucky bunch. One particular passer struck me a chord because of her witty remarks on her audition.
Joy, our musical director asked her, “Ok, among kakantahin mo sa amin, Ruby?”
“We Are One po, yung Alto part,” she shyly said.
“We Are One?” Joy asked. Then somebody sung, “This song is hard to sing…”
“Ay! Wag na lang po yan kase alam n’yo po…” we laughed hysterically, “Kasi baka malaman nyo po yung mga mali…”
We laughed again.
“Sige ano na lang?” Joy asked.
“Gaya na lang po ng kay kuya (referring to the early auditioner).”
“Ano yun?”
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” she answered.
“ALAM DIN NAMIN YAN!” we all screamed while laughing.


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Sound Engineer Offense

We sang at St. Mary’s Family Festival last Thursday. We were supposed to wear our CVC shirts but it was so cold that we all wore our coats over it.
When we were about to go on stage we removed our coats last minute and I suddenly hit the sounds engineer guy on the shoulders. He was a big Caucasian guy with tattoos and piercings.

“I’m sorry,” I told him.
“You will be.. in a minute,” he got back.
“Whoa!” I told him but he ignored this as he was busy. He seemed pissed.
Mabel heard this and asked, “WHAT DID HE SAY?” but we were about to go on stage.

I was mad. We are not used to this type of rudeness in Dubai. I also just met a car accident that morning so I was really not emotionally stable.
I shrugged it off because it was the church compound and I am representing our group –  going for this guy will be bad rep for us and will be dubbed as unchristian-like . (Plus it has been 3 months since I went to the gym and that he was bigger than me). takot ko lang

The performance was bad, just like every year (because the audience are hearing a lot of other things go on in the compound plus  the sound system was horrible (not boom microphones).

Kaya pala ‘We will be sorry in a minute’ kasi papangitan nya ang sound system.” I concluded.


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DFC Performance

1461218_10152063382075067_41543715_nFor four days we sang twenty minutes every hour during the last weekend before Christmas.

During the final set of the final day, I told the guys, “Pano ba yan? Last set na… It has been nice working with you guys.”
“Oa lang kuya?” Mat asked.

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CVC 8th Anniversary Party: Arrange Yourself by Age

During the choir’s 8th year party, one game was played: “ARRANGE YOURSELVES BY…”
It was agreed that if you all have finished arranging yourselves, your team should sit down so that the judges can see you.
Wawee, the game master, screamed, “Arrange yourself by AGE!”
Here’s the video:

It’s obvious that Team A, the one in front, is still arranging their age but when I screamed, “UPO!” both teams sat down.
My own teammate, Arn, was left standing and asked, “Ako pinakamatanda?”
Only then that Kuya Arnold realized that he was on the other end.


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Bing’s Hair

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ronald thought, “Pwede sana pumunta si Bing sa 80s party n’yo,” My choir is planning to celebrate the 8th year anniversary party in an 80s themed party.
“Costume pa,” I told him.
“Guguluhin n’ya lang buhok n’ya 80s na.”




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CVC Orientation 2013

During the choir’s orientation, I suggested to the whole group, “Guys, pwede mag-suggest? Sana bawal mag-jacket pag miss, kasi nag-iiba yung color coding natin kapag nag-jacket na yung iba.”
“Sige,” Sharon answered, “Isang oras lang naman. Para ma-maintain natin ang color coding. Kahit maginaw, saglit lang naman.”
“Saka, pwede po ba? Walang uubo kapag may misa? Kasi dinig sa buong church sa mic,” I followed.
Everybody looked at me blankly, as if asking themselves, “Tama ba yung suggestion ni Orlee?”

“ANG LUPIT MO NAMAN ORLEE!” Bawal na ginawin, bawal pa magkasakit.



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CVC Safari 2013: Back to Reality

530824_4545647967537_245533207_nAfter the Safari trip with the choir, a total of 6 hours away from the city, Arn uttered, “Hay! Back to reality…”
“Wow! Ang tagal mong nawala!” I replied. It’s a freaking day event.

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Old Clothes Drive

154243_10150359238665457_8242597_nJade was passing thru my room when he heard, “No! Ayoko!”
He stopped and looked around, it was just me, “Ano nangyayari?”
“Ang hirap mamili ng lumang damit na ipamimigay,” our choir had a drive to give out old clothes.
“Sino kausap mo?”
“Mga damit ko.”

Orlee and Rollie“Orlee, alam mo yung feeling na may makikita kang lumang damit tapos isipin mo, ‘pwede pa to eh’.” Rollie shared.
“So anong ginawa mo? Di mo na lang binigay?” I asked Rollie.
“Oo. Yung tipong, ‘isusuot ko na lang, akin na lang.'”
“Selfish mode lang?”
“Oo!” he answered laughing.

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Twitter Confusion

Aside from my own twitter account, @orleee, I am also managing my Dubai choir’s twitter account, @cvc_dve. I am being myself whenever I tweet on my own account while I only announce Christian Voices Chorale’s events using the church choir’s account.

Orlee TweetCVC tweet

One drunken evening, I saw a tweet from @jamylya407, sharing her experience reading FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.
I commented, “Kinky!” Of course, knowing Murphy’s Law, I was using @cvc_dve.
@jamyla407 replied, “Yes. At talagang church choir ang nagre-reply sa akin.”
That’s when I realized my mistake. I immediately deleted my tweet and pretended nothing happened.

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