A Change is Coming

After I stepped off from the driver’s seat in the jeep, I felt something different. My world is not the same. This was back when I was 13 years old, I was going home from school. There is a sudden change in the balance around. It’s like something is boiling up, a change is coming…


I walked a few steps and the driver was shouting, “Boy!”

I looked back. I wondered if the driver have a fifth sense. Can they feel empathy? Do they know what’s running on their passengers mind? Can he also feel the change that I felt?


“May naiwan ka!” then threw a black piece of rubber. It landed just before me and as I stared down, my face reddened. All the people who saw had a wide grin on their faces. Suwelas pala ng sapatos ko! Kaya pala di balance ang tayo ko. Nakakahiya


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