Expected Date of Arrival

Expected Date of Arrival: January 5, 2007

Expected Time of Arrival: 5:30 AM

Or is it January 6, 2007?

Ate Richie was expected to arrive at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport this morning, January 5, 2007. My Mom, Dad and Sister (Tem) all went to the airport and left our house as early as 4:00 AM expecting ate Richie to arrive.

At around 8:00 AM they called up the house and asked if ate already arrived because her plane hasn’t landed yet and there seem to be no flight arriving yet from LAX. Nanay suggested I should call ate Richie’s husband (Kuya Mark) in the US for confirmation but their number is on answering machine mode.

They finally decided to ask the Information Area of the airport (wherever that is) and it was confirmed: Ate Richie’s flight wont be arriving until tomorrow morning, 5:30 AM January 6, 2007 Manila Time.

Oh well! We guess ate Richie gave us the wrong flight detail: How can you arrive in Manila the next day if you flew out from Cincinnati the day before (we don’t have that technology yet)? They just have to do it ALL again tomorrow. Kawawa naman.


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