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Donde Est Parc Guel

After our trip to Sagrada Familia, we wanted to see other Antonio Gaudi creations. First thing in mind was Parc Guel.

Since most of the Filipino words that we use are lent words from Spanish. We managed to understand locals when we speak to them.
Thanks to “Donde Esta Santa Claus – Oh Where is Santa Claus song, we knew that ‘where is’ is ‘Donde Esta’,”

After coming out of the metro and walking a few yards and still cannot find the park, we had to ask one local girl, “Donde Est Parc Guel?”
For which she answered, “Dos cantos derecho… eh arriba.”

I translated to Mitch, Atong and Ronald, “After two streets, takbo tayo ng mabilis pakanan!”
After reaching the second street, I grabbed Mitch and ran the steep street, “Dali takbo, Hon! Arriba daw.”

We managed to reach the park after walking the “Arriba street” and taking a bus.

10814190_10153338361704325_247549496_n 10815842_10153338361689325_1595514888_n 10818565_10153338361694325_2003372272_n

Coming back to the hotel, we googled, “Arriba: To ascend.”
“Paakyat pala ibig sabihin ng arriba!”
We all laughed.

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This Is the Proposal Moment

ProposalBefore the I proposed to Mitch, Atong told me, “This is the moment.”
I was a little nervous. Who wouldn’t be?
“Oo nga eh. I hope says yes.”

Upon returning to our room, I was quietly humming the song This is the Moment without realizing it, “This is…” then I realized that she might think why was I singing the song so I immediately changed the words to, “… the day that the Lord has made…”

Here’s the full proposal video, telling the story of that day.

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Mannekin Pis

After seeing the grandeur that was Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, we headed next to Belgium and see the Atomium and the famous Mannekin Pis.
For Day 1 of Brussels, we managed find the old town. We were amazed by the old architecture then asked for directions for Mannekin Pis. We read that it’s only near old town.

When we saw the peeing statue only Mitch was able to say was, “Yan na yun?!”


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Spanish Dula-Dulaan

“Madali lang naman mag-Spanish eh,” I told Ronald, “Bakit ayaw mo magsalita?” We were in Spain and basic words are understandable. Numbers are the familiar. Basic terms are comprehendible.

“Ayoko,” he admitted.
“Para kasing nagdudula-dulaan,” he answered.

“Dula-dulaan?” I wondered.
Atong laughed and explained, “Kasi di ba sa mga play sa Pilipinas, sinakop tayo ng Spain kaya puro Español ang salita.”

“Por que!”


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Not Sleeping

At the office…

“Pre, hindi na halatang tulog ako.”
Roy was not looking at me when I told him this in the office.
When he swiveled he saw this.

“Naka-shades ka naman!”


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Azkal Suitor

My niece has, apparently, have an Azkal suitor. Seriously: An Azkal suitor. One of the Football Players who represent the Philippines during different International matches.

Tem had to share this information to me, “Oo nga, kuya! Check mo dali!”
“Teka. Bakit parang mas kinikilig ka pa?” I asked her.

She even told my sisters.
“Wow! Talaga?” my sisters replied.

And of course, our mom, “Nay, yung apo n’yo may manliligaw na Azkal.”

Photo - Team Azkals - The Philippine National Football Team

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Pudy Ann Santos

2 weeks ago, Aries treated us for dinner in Agemono. Our homes do not have TFC so when the restaurant flashed the International Filipino Channel, all eyes were on it.

The new Christmas station ID have all the ABS-CBN Stars, including Judy Ann Santos: Judai if you’re feeling informal.
I kiddingly said, “Uy! Si Pudy Ann!”
Atong laughed and got the joke.
Our table slowly heard the joke as Atong retold it, “Kung ang Judy Ann ay Judai. Ano nickname ni Pudy Ann?”
Finally when it was Rollie’s turn to tell it to his new wife, Len, the joke he decided against it.
“Huwag n’yo sasabihin kay Len. Pag di nya alam isisigaw n’ya pa lalo,” he told us.

Since he didn’t wanna tell the joke, Atong told it to Len. Len screamed (the jokes answer here). “(Answer)!? Ano yun!?” she screamed loudly.
We all laughed and hushed her.
“Tama ka nga, Rollie. Isisigaw nya nga.”


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1939473_10204220534386197_7253192645995971251_nAfter trying some Happy Brownies in Amsterdam, I kiddingly told Atong and Mitch, “Pare heavy may Tamats na mako.”
I said TAMATS by playing a pun on the word Tama and Amats. Then it dawned to me and asked them, “Baligtad pala ng Tama yung Amat.”
“Yun nga yun!” Atong told me.
“Hala! Ngayon ko lang nagets.”
“Ano akala mo dati yung amats?” they asked.
“Akala ko parang gutom… Pag di ka kumain nagugutom ka. Pag uminom ka may amats ka.”
“Nay!” They both screamed.


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And’yan Lang S’ya

I talk in my sleep. I’m one of the 20% of the population that speaks out his dreams during his REM.

Early this month, Ronald, my roommate, woke up at around 3 am to take a pee. 3 AM is the bewitching hour. Strange things happen during this time… or so they say.

Being the jumpy person that he is, he is easy to freighten, he hesitated but eventually gave in to his bladder.

Once he returned to the room, I spoke out, while speeling, “Andyan lang s’ya…. Lulutang-lutang.”
He knew I was not awake as I snored immediately afterwards.
He jumped to his bed, went under his sheets and tried to forget what he heard. Tried real hard to go back to sleep.


Andyan lang sya… Lulutang-lutang…

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Ayoko na sa London

Preparing to tour the city on our 2nd day in the UK, Mitch took time dressing up – layer after layer of clothes.

When she was finally zipping her boots on top of her thermal socks which is over the thermal leggings, she uttered, “AYOKO NA DITO SA LONDON.”
“Bakit? ” I asked.
“Andaming patong ng damit.”

10660155_10153230586714325_2558776851444718039_n 1476527_870877512931197_1890330624962307096_n 10713008_870143306337951_1917736538878040349_n

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