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“Orlee, you’ll sing at the party,” a colleague told me. We were having a talent portion in the upcoming staff party.
“No! I don’t sing in public,” I answered.
“I’l put your name in the program.”
“I’ll seriously jump of the boat if my name’s announced,” we’ll party in a boat in Dubai Marina.


I then remembered one friend and choir mate back in my Marian Choir days — Dudz.
She was requested by her grandmother to sing on a program the next day.
She seriously screamed her voice off on a pillow to lose it the next day.

She lost it. Smart move.

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Margarita’s Perfect Partner

“Isang pizza, nachos, buffalo wings, saka Margarita,” Dudz ordered.
“Gusto ko ng soup. Ok lang mag-soup?” Agnes asked.
“Sige order lang ng order,” I answered.

When all the orders came, the waiter couldn’t contain himself and asked, “Ayus rin ang combination ng order n’yo ah.”
While the waiter was walking away, Agnes commented, “Wala kang pakialam kung gusto ko ng soup sa Margarita.”

Alis na agad ang hangover ko hindi pa ako nalalasing.


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Halloween: Today and Yesterday (A Repost)

Jun’s wife and son, Dudz and Julian, went to the US. They’ll be staying there until January 2008, when Jun picks them up.

Realizing that they’ll still be in American soil by Halloween I asked Dudz on how they’ll celebrate that day. Dudz said that Julian will be ‘Trick or Treating’.
“Binili na nga ni ate ‘yan ng costume eh…Yoda!”

Amazed by the idea, I screamed, “Wow! Buti pa si Julian mag-ti-trick or treat! Samantalang tayo nagbibilog lang ng kandila sa sementeryo nung araw.”

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Background Matters

When I posted this picture (click photo to enlarge) on my facebook account <Partying in Macau> while we were still there, Mico asked, “Ang dami nating picture sa Bellini (Bar), talagang ang background n’yo eh ‘yang babaeng ‘yan. Kahit saan lugar pwedeng nangyari ‘yan.”
Annie and I looked closely, laughed and answered, “Oo nga no?”

The background says it all. I suddenly remembered when I posted this picture on my friendster account 2 years ago. and put the caption Hanging out with my new tropa…

Dudz reacted, “Ganyan pala ang gimik sa Dubai? Dingdong (mixed nuts)?”

So just to be clear that I really partied in Macau, let me direct you to the following photos:

Me and My Macau Beer

Mico’s Point of View

Annie and Me-an

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Facebook Kulitan

There are times when I am in the mood to play with my facebook status and there are times when I am really serious. It’s fun how we can connect with friends with a simple side comment. Here are some funny comments to my facebook statuses: (Merong pumapatol sa kalokohan ko. Meron namang napakalayo ng mga comments.)

1. Orlee defies gravity.
Ayma: Pati ba naman gravity sinuway mo?

2. Orlee should keep away from Christmas songs. “Don’t torture yourself!”
Kuya Mark: Never been a problem for me.
Orlee: Hannukah songs for you. (He’s a Jew)
Kuya Mark: Exacto! “I had a little dreidle, I made it out of clay.”

3. Orlee is trying to solve Poverty in the Philippines.
Gee-Ann: haha…magwelga n kc sa malacanang!!! bkit kylngan my ofw p!! welga!! welga!!! welga!!! dpat illegal drugs nlang iexport ntin sa ibang bansa pra umasenso nman pinas…..har^har^ mbuhay mga adiktus!!

4. Orlee’s happy he saw GI Joe on the big screen. Ganda! Taob ang Transformers 2! Can’t wait for GI Joe’s Apartment.
David: Di ba mauuna muna yung GI Joe The Mango bago yan?

5. Orlee joined Christian Voices Chorale in St. Mary’s Church today. Singing career revival.
X: wow x.. put sunscreen hehe

6. Orlee says, “Kailangang ubusin ang lettuce baka mapanis.”
X: Hindi baka mapanis, baka mabulok.
Orlee: X, wag nating pigilan ang lettuce kung gusto n’yang mapanis.

7. Orlee, “Please remind me again why am I here?”
Dudz: Gusto mo kasing maging bagong bayani? Gusto mong gumamit ng OFW Sim Pack. Aaahhh, mahilig ka sa camel.

8. Orlee is happy for Rio (winning the Olympic bid)
Dudz: Parang friends lang kayo ano?

9. Orlee ay tanga. Inupuan ang laptop. Ayun nag-crack ang screen. Gastos nanaman! Lesson: Wag tanga.
Gee-Ann: Sosyal naman ng upuan…

10. Orlee: Punta naman tayong Dubai Mall. Mag-ubos tayo ng pera.
Jun: haha,kung dito yan “mag sm naman tayo,mag ubos tayo ng ORAS” HAHA

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Hogness Camia

We grew fond of calling Agnes – Hogness and we forgot why.
“Bakit nga ba hogness tawag natin kay Agnes?” I asked Dudz.
“Ikaw kaya nagpangalan nun! Sabi mo pa nga ang meaning nun Kababuyan.”



Agnes, Dudz, Jun (stand), Jane, Jaden, Mayette, Me (sit)

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