The Memorandum

One of my former colleagues, I’m not naming which company, received a memo from a superior:

You were hired because you demonstrated the skills necessary to make positive contribution to (Company Name). Hence, to achieve excellence, you are required to perform your duties regularly, meet all standards of work satisfactorily with diligence and dedication and show respects to your superiors, co-employees and others in general. Failure or willful disregards in attending training and other similar or related activities constitutes a violation of the Company’s Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, as an employee, you must demonstrate a sincere interest and enthusiasm in your job. You must show a positive outlook towards (Company Name) – its business, operations, beliefs and concerns. You should also show willingness to learn and demonstrate maturity in accepting criticisms and remarks regarding your work and attitude.

This memorandum will serve as a first warning to the concerned (position). Further infraction to this administrative detail will be dealt with accordingly. In this regard, the concerned (position) whoe name appears above is directed to submit a letter addresed to the SVP of (department), explaining their reason(s) for non-compliance on or before February 20, 2009.

As you are aware, the Code of Conduct, the pertinent policies and rules and regulations of (Company Name) remain in full force and effect, for which reason you should conduct yourself in accordance of the provisions of the code. Failure to conform to the code of conduct shall open yourself to definite disciplinary action up and including termination of your employment.

She then told me: “Ang haba no? Late lang naman ako ng 15 Minutes.”


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