Dubai Why?

Eversince I left the Philippines for over a week now, I’ve asked all of the silliest questions from my friends in Dubai:

  • Bakit pa-sideways tumango ang mga Indian?
  • Bakit walang ulap sa Dubai?
  • Bakit ayaw tumigil ng bus kahit parahin ko?
  • Bakit gustung-gusto nila sa damuhan kahit sobrang init?


My favourite question though is this one: WHAT’S THAT AGAIN? Why? You ask me. Because here in Dubai, I’ve noticed that the English is not properly structured. I used to be very conscious about my grammar but here: KANYA KANYANG INGLISHAN NA LANG.

They don’t even bother to construct their sentences correctly and their accent? BAHALA NA!

Even the simple words like: Pikchoor, Cho-ko-leyt and ‘I don’t noww…


By da end of mai is-tey hir in Doobayy, I will be is-peaking in mai own ing-glish bersyons.


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