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Prince of Whales

This is too damn funny not to repost.
Prince Harry is now the Prince of Whales.

Prince of Whales

He’s not even the real Prince of Wales. Found it here.



Photoholics Anonymous

It’s true! They are photo addicts!

Before the Camiguin trip, X asked, “X, mahilig kayang mag-picture sina Ronald at J? Baka nakakahiya kasi kung lagi tayong magpapa-picture tayo sa kanila.”
Caught by surprise I told her, “X, di ko ba nasabi sa’yo? ADIK silang mag-asawa sa picture. Sabi nga ni Julius dati raw sa PNB, pag outing nila, ‘di pa raw nakakarating sa paroroonan ubos na ang 36 shots nila. Kahit bato raw or damo, magpapa-picture silang dalawa. Eh ano pa’t digital na ngayon.”

Here’s one example. This is the trip back to Cagayan De Oro from Camiguin. They won’t get contented in one shot. They would do and re-do it again. I goofed in the background just to kill the monotony.


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Daster Disaster

DasterSince Island Cove is very near, a 30 minute drive away, from our place in Imus, my family rarely dress up when we go there. We wore our pambahay. Pambahay meant daster for my mom and my sisters.

Walking to the Fishing Village, some group of women laughed and told ate Mimi, “Miss? Uniform n’yo ba ‘yan?”
Ate Mimi hurriedly told Ate Richie, who didn’t hear the question, also wearing a daster, “Ate, uniform daw tong suot natin.”
Ate Richie and Tem hurriedly ran towards the group of women, and told them, “Anong problema n’yo? Malapit lang kasi ang IslandCove sa amin. Island Cove lang to, we don’t need to dress up. Ano gusto n’yo?”
The women were so frightened that it numbed them. They apologized, “Sorry.”
A silence swept through them and you could hear my sisters growl.
Ate Richie was looking furiously at one woman with the devilish look. The woman weakly said, “Ano ba? Bakit genyan ka makatingin? Nag-sorry na kami.” She was so scared.

Lesson: Don’t wear daster in Island Cove unless you have the nerves to kick some butt.


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Horace Slughorn

Hp6teaserposterIt was Ponette’s first time to watch Harry Potter on the big screen. X, Sam, Paula and I took her to iMax today. She knew we’ll be watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She have seen the previous films on DVD and on TV showings so she has an idea of the story.

During the first scene, Professor Dumbledore and Harry went to Professor Slughorn’s house and was looking for him. Dumbledore uttered Slughorn’s name, “Horace? Horace?” Because of the thick British Accent, it sounded ‘Harrys, Harrys’ so Ponette can’t wondered and ask me whispering, “Tito, bakit may ‘s’?”

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Yesterday was Dugtong Buhay Blood Drive in Elizabeth Seaton School South. X, Jon-jon, Ate Richie and I decided to donate blood for Ponette, Paula and Sam‘s additional grades.

Before the blood letting, we had to fill up an application form to answer our Personal Details. The challenge was the questions were all in Filipino.

X asked, “Kasarian? Babae o Female?”
Ate Richie found it confusing on the question: Lahi. “Ano ilalagay ko sa lahi?”
“Ate ko! Syempre Filipino. Ay teka American Citizen ka na pala. Eh ano nga ba?” I pondered.
“Ah yun ba ‘yun? Sige Filipino na lang. Akala ko baliw or mangkukulam.”
I laughed and concluded: Lahing baliw; lahing mangkukulam.

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Inverted Katrina

Ate Richie saw the latest cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine during her pasalubong shopping yesterday. She asked, “Sino ‘tong nasa cover?”


“Si Katrina Halili!” I answered
“S’ya ba to? Hindi ah!” She protested.
“Baligtarin mo oh, s’ya talaga,” I jokingly followed up while inverting the magazine.
Ate Richie laughed while Ponette, my 6 year old niece, inverted the magazine and tried to figure out what the joke was.



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White Island Experience

We had a blast exploring White Island, Camiguin. It is literally a white island without any trees nor large boulders. It’s just sand and sea in the shape of a large ‘C’.

We took the best pictures from Camiguin there.

We walked the shores and lied on the sand.

While X and I were lying on the sand, Ronald and J walked on to the edge of the water. My X and I were saying sweet nothings when we heard Ronald scream, “J!”
We looked up and saw that he was in the water while J was lying on the sand.
Ronald further screamed, “SUMAMA KA NA SA MUNDO NAMIN! MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA!” he was mimicking some cheesy movie where a merman fell in love with an earth-woman.

X and I laughed and screamed, “Bagay!”

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Cake You Very Much

PamAte Pam handed one cake for the good neighbor’s last night. They helped check the house if there were burglars while we were away.

Ate Pam buzzed one neighbor. The househelp openned the gate. Ate Pam asked, “Nandyan si Kuya mo?”
“Wala po s’ya,” the help answered.
“Eto kamo ang cake, salamat kamo kagabi. Basta sabihin mo sa kanya etong cake eh pa-thank you sa ginawa n’ya kagabi.”

After Ate Pam got in the Revo we told her, “Ate! Para namang may ‘nangyari’ kagabi sa inyo ng amo n’ya sa pagkakasabi mo.”

“Oo nga no!?” she then realized.

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The Girls Who Cried Wolf

We were robbed!

…So the househelps screamed. Everysingle member of my family went to Tanabe Restaurant in Malate a week ago to celebrate Tem’s ‘surprise’ arrival from Dubai when Belle, one househelp called at nanay’s celphone:
Belle: Ate! Pauwi na po ba kayo?!?
Nanay: Belle! Bakit ka umiiyak!
Belle: Ate, may tao po sa taas ng bahay! May nagbubukas po ng mga drawer!
Nanay: Bakit ako ang tinawagan n’yo!? Tawagan n’yo sina Kuya Onad n’yo sa Bucandala! Si Mareng Viola sa Baranggay!

We immediately packed dinner, left the restaurant and drove to Imus hurriedly. Inside the Revo, everybody was doing work, Tem was driving (for the first time in years), Nanay, Tatay and I were calling friends and relatives who could immediately run to the house for protection.

Arriving home, we learned that 15 armed policemen arrived at our house, 10 relatives from the nearby baranggay, 10 baranggay officials dropped by our house, 10 cars jammed the road outside our house. They all left already concluding that the burglar immediately left after Belle and Evelyn ran and screamed towards the door.

Ate Richie, Tatay and Nanay interrogated the 2 Helps.
Richie: Belle, next time wag ka na sa nanay tatawag. Muntik nang himatayin ang nanay ko.
Belle: Opo ate.
Tatay: May nakita ba kayong putik sa bahay nung may narinig kayo sa taas.
Evelyn: Wala po.
Nanay: May mga bukas bang aparador sa taas nung chineck nyo na kasama ng mga pulis?
Belle: Wala po.
Tatay: Bukas ba ang mga gate? Bintana? Pinto?
Evelyn: Hindi po.
Tatay: Meron bang magnanakaw na naghubad ng sapatos para di maputikan ang bahay na nanakawan nila?
Richie: May nawala ba sa taas?
Evelyn: Wala po.

We concluded that it was a false alarm. No burglar would remove the mud from his shoe to steal a house. No thief in his right mind drop by a house and not take anything. 2 laptops were lying on the couches upstairs for crying out loud. Belle and Evelyn were just paranoid because the houselights upstairs were left turned on and they were alone guarding the house.

We spent the next day handing out cakes to different people who helped investigate the ‘robbery’ as a sign of gratitude for their support for the girls who cried wolf.


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Counting Down

Before going home, I used to count the days down and brag it to my colleagues:
Zinnia, next month ganitong petsa, nasa bahay ako kumakain ng sopas na luto ni Tatay.
Sanay, 10 more days and I’ll be in the Philippines.
Roger, 3 linggo na lang pauwi na ako.

I even counted down the days everyday and brag it to my office friends.

This afternoon though, I received a text message from Sanay:
Hey!! 12 more days to go and your back to Dubai! Hee…Hee.. I know it sounds killing but dude that’s the truth! I and Zinnia are keeping track ot it!


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