Sabado Chores

My teacher asked us back in grade 4, “Ano ginawa n’yo nung Sabado?”

Some of my classmates said, that they fed the chicken, helped clean the house, went out and play.

Some answered unrealistic answers just to suck up to Ma’am Aguilar because it was obvious that she was looking for the best helper in their household chores: “I helped my mom iron some clothes”, “I fed the world.” “I stopped a tsunami.” “I found weapons of mass destruction.”


I, the bibo kid that I am, answered honestly what I did that last Saturday, “Nagligpit po ako ng pinag-higaan.”

Ma’am Aguilar gasped… paused… and asked, “’Pag Sabado lang kayo ng liligpit ng higaan?”

I was raised in a house where the beddings were only made on Saturdays, during the general cleaning. I was confused so I answered, “Opo?”


Back home, I told my mom and dad everything, they said, “Bakit mo sinabing tuwing Sabado lang tayo nagliligpit ng higaan? (at pag may nanganak ng pusa sa kama <but that’s a different story>)”

“Eh, nay, malay ko bang sa ibang bahay eh, araw-araw sila nagliligpit ng higaan?”

My mom was very worried what Mrs. Aguilar thinks of her as a housewife (who doesn’t make her bed everytime she wakes up). Poor mom.


In memory of Mrs. Aguilar.


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